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Eight Things You Are Forgetting to Pack For Your First College Apartment

One month ago I moved into my first college apartment in Raleigh, NC. I spent months preparing to move in. I read lists, watched youtube videos, asked friends- I thought I had packed it all but somehow these eight things slipped through the cracks. Add these items to spare yourself the extra trouble on top of starting college. 

  1. MEDICINE KIT!!!! 

I got sick within the first week of being at school and had to trek to CVS to buy medicine. Of course, I did not know which medicine I needed so I had to facetime my mom sick in a CVS and spend $25 on medicine. So prepare for the back-to-school funk and buy a medicine kit before moving in. 

  1. A Can Opener 

A small necessity that often goes unnoticed but there’s nothing worse than prying a can open with a fork and a knife… also super unsafe. 

  1. Umbrella 

Obviously but I somehow forgot one and spent the first rainy day on campus soaking wet in a lecture hall. 

  1. Razor refills

Razors seem to go dull after three uses and cut legs are not cute or fun so be sure to pack razor refills so you have them when you need them. 

  1. A Birdie 

Many college campuses do not allow pepper spray and even if they do many girls do not feel comfortable carrying it. This small key chain is a safety device that looks cute but sets off a loud alarm when pulled in dangerous situations. 

  1. Spare Car Key

Running behind for an interview and cannot find your keys to save your life? Avoid this and pack a spare car key! It’s such a similar way to avoid running late and get yourself out of annoying situations like locking your keys in your car. 

  1. Passport

Many jobs and other places around campus require an extra form of identification. A passport is the easiest option if you have one and will save your mom from texting you asking if you still know where your birth certificate is. 

  1. Extra Chargers

The night before classes my phone charger broke. The. Absolute. Worst. Luckily, Target was still open, but I would have been screwed had it not. Avoid this pain and pack an extra charger for when yours breaks or you lose it- because you will. 

Hi! My name is Audra Edwards and this is my first year writing for Her Campus NCSU. I am a sophomore Communications student at North Carolina State University. I love all things fashion, food, college lifestyle, boys, greek life, etc. I am so excited for this year and to contribute to Her Campus NCSU!
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