COVID-Friendly Valentine's Day Date Ideas

As we all know, COVID has affected the lives of everyone for nearly a full year. Over the past few months, we have seen holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shift from large and public family gatherings, to small gatherings that have to take place solely inside. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the usual trips and date nights may look a little different, so here are a few date ideas that are both safe, and romantic.

  1. 1. A Picnic

    Although many couples are used to going out and eating in restaurants for Valentine’s day, limited capacities and no indoor seating may not allow this to happen for everyone this year. Another alternative is either getting takeout food or cooking and making your very own picnic. Picnics can be made virtually anywhere, with scenic views, or in a grassy, open field. Yummy food and a plethora of desserts will make a picnic the perfect Valentine’s Day date!

  2. 2. Cooking as a Couple

    Another COVID-friendly date option is cooking - and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home! For a date, you and your significant other can prepare a one, two, or even five-course meal together, with all of your favorite foods. A quick trip to the grocery store together will allow you both to choose your favorite ingredients and foods - giving you the perfect meal! To make things even more interesting, you and your partner could go head to head and compete to see who can cook the best dishes. Cooking is a fun activity that is both affordable and COVID safe!

  3. 3. At Home Movie Theater

    Finally, a great stay-at-home Valentine’s Day date is a movie night. To make this a little more special than a normal movie night, you can transform your space into a makeshift movie theater. To do this, you can buy a small, portable projector and project your movie onto any wall in your house! Complete the scene by adding pizza, popcorn, candy, some slushies, and you are set!

    For long-distance couples or couples quarantining separately - a movie date is still possible. The “group watch” feature on Disney Plus allows you to watch some of your favorite throwback movies at the same time as your significant other! With this feature, you can both see each other and send chats while watching the movie together!