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Covid in College: Pregnant Edition

Yes, it is true. I am having a ‘quarantiney’ baby in the middle of a global pandemic. Oh yeah, and all of this is happening while I am a full time student and taking on being Senior Editor of the new chapter of Her Campus here at NC State. Yes, I have a lot on my plate, but who doesn’t? I am thrilled to be able to share my story with everyone!

Being pregnant in college was never something I envisioned for myself, but few people anticipate this to happen to them. Having a baby so young and so unexpectedly has come with a lot of challenges, but it also will bring something new and beautiful come December of this year.

Taking this step while in college is usually looked down upon, but my goal is to reverse that stigma on our campus. Believe it or not, pregnancy in college is super common, and there is a ton of support here on campus and other resources available. I want to share my experience, not to tell you about something so personal, but to reach anyone who may need advice or comfort when facing this life event.

No one should ever feel ashamed for deciding to take this step in their life to decide that she is not ready for this quite yet.. Just in the past few months, I have been challenged to extremes I never thought to imagine. I had to make difficult decisions, have intense conversations, and make sacrifices. Despite all of that, I can tell you that my son will always be worth it.

Although this first article is short, I look forward to sharing this journey with all of y’all. I will continue writing articles about challenges I face, baby updates, and provide sources and ways to help other college women who are taking on pregnancy and motherhood. Welcome to Her Campus and go, Pack!

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