College Guys View: What's up with makeup?

I just don't see why makeup is so important.  Our world and culture have placed entirely too much emphasis on external beauty.  We say, through our behavior, that girls at age 13 and 14 have to be "pretty" which leads them to putting on makeup and to having more insecurity.  Young girls and women feel pressured to live up to an unrealistic idea of beauty.  The true definition of beauty is what is on the inside of a person; meaning their qualities, their personality and what makes that person a unique individual.  You wouldn't go out with somebody because they were good-looking. Instead, you would go out with somebody because you have fun with him or her, you get along with that person or that person is a kind individual.  I consider a person's inner beauty to be more important than their physical appearance.

I just don't see the reason why girls and women put on makeup and I like people without any makeup.  I don't know if makeup makes girls and women more comfortable or helps them to feel more confident.  From women that I have talked to, I found that makeup can enhance a women's natural appearance, but it cannot and should not be a replacement for self-confidence.  I find confidence appealing and I don't think makeup creates that. From my understanding, applying makeup to hide blemishes is a sign of a lack of confidence. Also, how comfortable can it be to put on so much makeup, mascara, and other forms of beauty products daily? Most guys don't know how to put on makeup and we can't recognize the difference between mascara, eyeliner, and other cosmetic products.  I just know that girls and women look better without makeup and their natural beauty is much better than a face applied with tons of makeup and beauty products.
Honestly, girls and women look better without all of the makeup and beauty products. I realize that guys and men don't have the same pressure to look a certain way and I absolutely believe that women and girls feel a lot more pressure to look a certain way.  However, there are guys out there that like girls and women for who they are and not what they look like.  Unfortunately, there are some guys who like girls and women for what they look like instead of who they are and what they value.  You don't want to deal with guys like these and I know from experience that these types of guys show more of their true and hideous personality when not around girls and women.  I'm around guys when girls aren't around and some of them act a lot differently, they act like gentlemen when around \ women and turn into a jerk when they are not around.
My point is don't wear makeup if you only wear it due to pressure to look a certain way.  Why do something you don't like or why put on something that you don't like?  It seems simple that you shouldn't put on makeup if you're just doing it because of pressure to look a certain way.  However, much of our world says to put on makeup to be beautiful and we buy into that lie.  Beauty that actually matters is found in the inside of a person (their spirit, intelligence, and concern for their loved ones) and not on the outside appearance.  I will say again that there are some good guys who look at your inner beauty.  Don't be pressured to look like a certain way for some guys who only seem to care about you when you look like a model in a magazine. Just be yourself and find beauty inside of you.  Find beauty from what you love to do, what a wonderful person you are, and from the family and friends who love you.