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Circle of Sisterhood is an organization on NC State’s campus that fundraises to remove educational barriers for women all over the world. This year, all of the panhellenic chapters are working to raise $10,000 towards a grant that will be decided in May. There is a quote that I hear often, “Empowered women empower women,” and I think that is exactly what this organization does.

On campus, Circle of Sisterhood is dedicated to educating students, men and women, about the educational barriers women face and raising money to remove those barriers. Anyone is welcome to get involved in Circle of Sisterhood. We have the power to uplift other women and provide them with opportunities they are denied from. 

As an empowered woman, I want to help uplift other women and create a supportive community that encourages women to reach their full potential. A group of women that inspires me every day is the women of Delta Gamma. As a member of Delta Gamma, I am surrounded by ladies who value promoting educational/cultural interests, foster high ideals of friendship, and create a true sense of social responsibility. This group of women are always there to support me in times of need, and are the first people to cheer me on when working towards my personal goals. I have been given opportunities to develop my personal leadership skills, serve others with vision impairments, and make connections with other women who share the same values as me.

The sisterhood of Delta Gamma, and all the other panhellenic chapters that are included in Circle of Sisterhood, have given me an empowering community of inspiring individuals. I am proud to be a part of an organization that works to support women facing poverty or oppression. Education is one of the most valuable tools a woman can have in society. Education gives us the power to make informed decisions about our life. As a woman, being informed of my rights and abilities allows me to overcome barriers and oppression I am faced with in society. 

I encourage everyone to educate themselves on actions they can take to help these women who face poverty and oppression. Our support can change the lives of these women, and grow a strong community of empowered women. 

I am majoring in business administration and minoring in leadership at NC State University. I enjoy writing in my free time about my life experiences. I started my website and included a personal blog with some of the pieces I have written.
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