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NCSU Collegiettes™, you probably feel like you have the world at your finger tips since you attend one of the best universities (okay, THE best) in the country. But maybe you just don’t know about all of the services you can utilize simply by being a student here at N.C. State. To help you out, Her Campus NCSU has compiled some services available to you on campus that you might not have known about but definitely need to take advantage of!


Meditation Classes
Several times during the semester NCSU offers meditation classes. This is a great way for you to relax, relieve tension and stress, calm yourself, enhance your health and well-being, become more centered, and reduce anxiety or worry. If you’re nervous about trying it alone, ask your friends to go with you, or maybe your roommates. Everyone needs some more relaxation in their life!

Blood Pressure/Body Fat Screenings
Free blood pressure and body fat screenings will be offered periodically throughout the semester. Please register in the fitness suite located in Carmichael Recreation Center on the 2nd floor.

Message Therapy
Messages are a great way to relax, decrease muscle tension, relieve pain, and most importantly – feel pampered!

Nutrition Consultations
We all know eating healthy while in college is a difficult thing to do. We are busy college students. A lot of us skip breakfast, eat fast food, and barely get any fruits and vegetables in our diets. The campus nutritionist is a tool we should all be using. She can tell you what you need to be eating, how much you need to be eating, and anything else you want to know. My favorite thing about meeting with her was she really worked with me on things such as, why I eat when I do, what are my emotions at the time, and to really focus on what I am doing during the time I am eating. For example, am I studying for a test, or watching TV.

Personal Training (at a good price!)
All personal trainers at NCSU are nationally certified and will help you develop a fitness program specifically designed to meet your needs and interests! You also have the option of choosing a male, or a female.

Technology Lending Service
I personally take advantage of this service all the time, especially when I want to try out a new product before buying. The NCSU libraries provide several items for students to borrow. These items include: laptop computers, digital cameras and camcorders, digital voice recorders, iPods, GPS units, eBook readers, and more.

Undergraduate Tutorial Center
Free tutoring for several 100 and 200 level courses in such fields as chemistry, math, physics, and writing. They offer tutoring by appointment, walk- in tutoring, and weekly tutoring sessions with the same person for the entire semester. If you would like to request a personal tutor for the whole semester I would recommend signing up as early as possible because there is a limited number of tutors and a lot of students signing up.

Health Promotion
A service part of the Student Health Center that helps students develop a healthy lifestyle. They focus on topics such as, alcohol and other drugs, fitness, rape and relationship violence, nutrition, sexuality, stress, and many more. They can provide you with all the information you need, as well as personal consultations if you would like to speak directly with someone.

Health Center: Self-Care Medications
The university pharmacy has several items available many of them are free, or at discounted prices. A few important items on the list, condoms, plan-B, vitamins, Band-Aids, Antihistamines, Gastrointestinal Products, tampons, several Topical Applications, pain relievers, and several more.

University Student Legal Services
Need legal advice? The USLS is there to provide education, advice and representation to students. This service is already included in our fees, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Women’s Center
A center focused on celebrating and supporting women. They offer a wide variety of programs from knit night and the very popular chocolate festival to yoga and self-defense workshops.
They also provide a 24-hour Rape and Sexual Assault Response Line: 919-618-RAPE (7273).

Campus Cinema
A couple things I love about the campus cinema are the cheap tickets and treats, and the environment. It’s a lot of fun to see a scary thriller or racy comedy with hundreds of other college students. The cinema also puts on a couple free movies and pre-screenings each year.

Crafts Center
The Craft Center offers discounted art classes such as pottery, photography, woodworking, fiber arts, lapidary, glass, jewelry, metals and more. Skill levels from beginner to advanced are offered.

Student Job Opportunities
Looking for a job? This database allows students to search and review local employers listings for a variety of jobs. I have used this website several times for various babysitting jobs, sometimes just a Friday night, and other times for after school care the whole year.
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