Campus Celebrity Michael "Mikey" Cherry

Name: Michael “Mikey” Cherry
Year Graduated: May 2011
Hometown: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

What is More Than Dance (MTD)?
More Than Dance is an organization that operates as a nonprofit. We use our talents and passions to serve other people, whether that is by raising money to give to a charity, or inspiring someone to go out and find their own passion.
When did MTD start?
MTD was conceptualized in March 2009, but our first official workshop wasn’t until November 2010.
How many people are involved?
MTD has five people on staff, including myself. We also have 12 volunteers that make up our More Than Dance Street Team.
What inspired you to start MTD?
There were many factors that contributed to the start of MTD. But three of the main contributing factors: 1. My heart to see every kid be presented with the same opportunities to have a bright future. 2. My trip to the Dominican Republic where I had the opportunity to work with a boy’s orphanage and teach English to the local elementary school. 3. Wanting to do my best at giving back to those in need.
What are some of MTD’s biggest accomplishments since being established?
I see everyday that I have a chance to work through MTD as an accomplishment and blessing in its self. Within the first year, we were able to give away over $1700 towards charitable causes. One of our t-shirts from our cherryDOTdork clothing line was featured on BBCs “World‘s Strictest Parents.” And we have been able to reach so many people throughout the nation with our message of serving people through our passion.  
Are there any upcoming events our readers can look forward to?
More Than Dance is hosting a dance competition called Prelude Carolinas on March 31, 2012 starting at 6pm at Knightdale High School. This is a nationally recognized dance competition, and MTD is proud to be hosting the very first one in the Carolinas. We have teams from all over the East Coast competing, notable judges from the North Carolina and Virginia area that have credits such as Americas Best Dance Crew, Kodachrome, and BFAB studios.
On April 1, we will be having a dance workshop along with our friends at Fresh From Birth, featuring Alan Truong from the ArchiTEKS, Chris Munar from Tito Boyscouts and Kodachrome, and Kentrell Newton from ABDCs Swagger Crew.
And on April 28, we will be having a workshop in Wilmington, NC along with our good friends from the dance crew Physical Graffiti.
What is something you’ve learned or gained from starting MTD?
I’ve learned so much from starting MTD. But I think the main thing that I’ve learned is that it’s possible to turn something that you love to do into a way to serve people. It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that you were able to make somebodies life better by doing what you would do for free.
What is your favorite thing about MTD?
It’s really hard to pin point one specific aspect of MTD that is my favorite thing. I would have to say, dancing. Every part of what we do has some type of dance attached to it. And through dance, I’m able to connect with so many people and experience so many different things. Eventually we plan to expand outside of dance, but since dance is my love, I have to say dancing.
What would be your advice for someone looking to follow your footsteps?
My advice to anyone that is looking to follow my footsteps of starting something like MTD would be to be patient. Starting something like this isn’t easy, and it’s not always going to be fun. But if your able to see past what’s in front of you, then your going to be able to push through and see how beautiful things turned out. Basically, go into it 100%. You might not know how to get there, but you have to believe that you will get there.
How can people get involved with MTD?
We are always looking for volunteers to help out with MTD. You can email us at [email protected].
Where can our readers learn more about MTD?
We are constantly updating our social media, so make sure to follow us!
Twitter: More_Than_Dance
Facebook: More Than Dance (MTD)
Youtube: /MoreThanDanceMTD
Okay, last question, what was your favorite thing about NC State when you were a student here?
I have so many great memories at NC State; from the people I’ve met, the all nighters in the library, dancing everywhere we could around the campus. But I guess my favorite thing about being a student at NC State was realizing all the opportunities the world had to offer me. I really enjoyed my time there, and all though I’m really glad I’m not a student anymore, I cherish everything that I experienced at NC State.
Any last remarks or comments?
Dancers and non dancers alike, come check us out at Prelude Carolinas or one of our workshops. Matthew 14:16, you have to come to one of our events to find out the story behind that verse.
Thank you Misha Tobar and Her Campus for this opportunity!