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Campus Celebrity: Kimberly Fisher & Gabrielle Hicks with Tilted Nations

As collegiettes, we’re – for the most part – trapped in this two mile radius of campus. Yet every day we see the news flare up with our world facing new issues locally and globally. We have seen established student organizations reaching out to the devastated Shaw University campus after the recent tornadoes and t-shirts sales at the bookstore to raise money for clean up efforts in Japan.

But how can you do your part in helping shape the world you live in? Two university students decided they would take their blog which discussed social issues, and turn it into an action based organization, Tilted Nations. Today they service the global community by hosting events that raise money, awareness, and even clothes for those in need. Get to know these two amazing collegiettes™ and their mission with Tilted Nations!

Who started Tilted Nations?
Co-Founder: Kimberley Fisher, Junior in Business Administration with a Nonprofit Studies minor, North Carolina State University. Sandys, Bermuda
Co-Founder: Gabrielle Hicks, graduating senior in Public Relations, East Carolina University. Raleigh, North Carolina.
What is Tilted Nations? 
We are an organization encouraging positive change in others through awareness events and service work both locally and globally’. We believe in empowerment through knowledge and experience paired with the reward of service for others. Long term, we are looking to host service trips abroad, encompassing these values. We currently focus on working with high school aged girls, but we are definitely open to expanding in the future.
When did you start?
In 2009, Tilted Nations was originally established as a blog where people could come and discuss contemporary social issues. However, the action/service-based Tilted Nations that we now direct has been in action since January 2010.
Have you expanded much since you began?
Very much so! We started Tilted Nations out of pure rainbows and glitter. Naive, but inspired by each others willingness to make a difference. We knew that we wanted to use service as a pillar for what we were embarking on.  Since then we have held multiple events in both Raleigh and Bermuda, spreading the word about our vision, building our structure and team.
How many people are affiliated with or work for Tilted Nations?
Including us as Co-Founders, there are officially 5 team members. They dedicate their time, talents, ideas and passions to the success of Tilted Nations and we cannot express how thankful we are for their commitment. We also have about 17 younger participants that have come on service work and awareness events with us.
Who came up with Tilted Nations and why?
Tilted Nations stemmed from a conversation where we recognized each other’s passion to address the needs of others.  We hardly knew each other at the time of this conversation, but obviously this shared passion was strong enough start this venture.  We wanted to create a place, other than the blog, for others to come a grow and learn together.
Does this idea stem from your interest in your major, how does this idea relate to you?
Kim: My interest in service work and working with others has always been with me; it just rewards me so much to be a part of meaningful service. However, the component of Tilted Nations involving service trips has been very much influenced by my college experiences through CSLEPS, Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service. In March 2010, I traveled to Nicaragua through the Alternative Spring Break Program and it really changed my outlook on so many ideas involving service, diversity, and developing countries. I want nothing more than to present the same opportunities for change to those students who cannot afford to experience it otherwise.
Gab: It’s funny because this has NOTHING to do with my major. I’ve always had compassion for others and I’ve always thought it was fun and challenging to self build. I’ve never traveled out of the state nor country for service work, but I have however done a lot of good for my city (Raleigh). I’ve been involved with, but not limited to, highway pickups, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and the heart of it all my love for working with my young (teenage) ladies. I would love to get paid doing what my heart desires and that is assisting others.
How did you go about starting this Non-Profit Organization?
It is important to state that we do not yet possess the 501-C3 (Nonprofit Organization) status, though we have always operated as if we did. We are still working on the structure so that when we do apply, we are prepared for the accountability procedures that are required for this nonprofit status.  The professors in the Nonprofit Studies minor, and within the College of Management have helped tremendously with advice in and out of class

What kind of things has Tilted Nations done so far?

Though we have participated as a team in the service opportunities presented by organizations like Stop Hunger Now, and Stop Human Trafficking Now, the following were organized by Tilted Nations:
• Invisible Children Face to Face tour. Tilted Nations was chosen to host their tour stop in Raleigh, raising awareness about the Rebel War and the usage of child soldiers in Uganda.

• The Warmest Winter: We bought together four local artists, King Mez, Carlitta Durand, J.Capri, and S.Gold, to put on a show for charity. Admission? A coat for donation to the Raleigh Urban Ministry. We raised almost 200 coats and it was a great show!

• Get Tilted: Introduction event held in Bermuda, rallying involvement for future service work in the island. Again, local artists contributed their talent.

• Tilted Nations’ 1st Annual Oratorical Contest: awarding bright young women with scholarships for speaking on pressing social issues such as genocide, clean water, human trafficking, and disaster relief.

We currently have two programs: Awareness Through the Arts (ATTA) and a service work program we have not quite found a cool name for yet.  Though our Awareness Through the Arts Campaign we hold social events and invite local artists to perform, and showcase their talents, thoroughly entertaining our audience, while still making a change and becoming more aware about an issue.
What changes do you hope to see with Tilted Nations?
Though the background work is necessary to build a strong foundation for our business, we cannot wait to launch the service programs we have in the works.  We have great people on our team that do more than their “job requirement” but we are looking to expand so that we can open up more opportunities and go deeper within our personal involvement in Tilted Nations. We are really working on the content of our programs and ‘curriculum’ needed to fill them.
How can other people get involved?
We are always looking to add new members. Bring your skills, your passion, and commitment and we are excited to work with you. Whether it be blogging, photography, event coordination, or just great business saavy, we will be excited to work with you! Those who are interested can contact us at [email protected] for more information.
Do you receive any stipend – or is it completely volunteer work? 
We currently work completely as volunteers.  Once our programs grow, we will definitely start an internship program, we are definitely looking forward to this.
What upcoming events do you have planned? 
Summer service program: we will be coordinating with local nonprofits this summer to set a service schedule for our participants.

Visit their Facebook page to find out more! 
The website: www.tiltednations.com

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