Campus Celebrity: Eric Sim aka Simtraks

Name: Eric Sim
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: 3rd Year

What is one of your biggest accomplishments within your time here at NC State?
Getting accepted into NASA’a co-op program

Many of us have seen the NASA Johnson Style video, it was great! How did you plan for it and how was the experience?
Thanks! A few co-workers and I just had the idea to do it one day, and just went from there. We wanted to highlight NASA’s new missions and activities that go on at Johnson Space Center, but also show that we know how to have a good time JThe experience was great and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to dance battle an astronaut!

If you haven't seen NASA Johnson Style, check it out below!

What was it like working at NASA?
NASA is a super cool place to work at. I got to work on a propulsion system, code a navigation algorithm, scuba dive with astronauts, do several outreach and community service events, and be around some of the smartest people in the world.

How long did you work at NASA?
My three rotations at NASA total about 1 year

What type of work did you do want to do at NASA?
I hope to land a job doing some sort of navigation work. I got the chance to create some programs that translates the satellite readings from the spacecraft Orion into point locations. I really enjoyed working in that branch and I hope to continue that work there in the future.

So we also know you are a DJ in your free time, how is that going?
Going great! I’m DJing wherever I can and also working on mixtapes and mashups. You can download them for free on my soundcloud! (

How did you come up with the name Simtraks?
My old suite-mate used to watch me make beats and he started calling me "Simtracks". The name stuck and I've just been using it ever since. I spell it without a "c" to pay homage to the record label Star Trak, which inspired me to start producing music.

How long have you been DJing?
I started DJing about 3 years ago, when my friend and fellow artist, Allen Mask, booked a couple of shows and invited me to DJ for him.

Sim with fellow friend and musician, Allen Mask

What made you want to get into music?
In high school, my idol was Pharrell Williams and I wanted to be like him. Also, I went through a breakup and making music actually helped a lot in providing closure. 

What are some of your inspirations when it comes to creating your music?
Old school greats like MJ, Marvin, and Stevie. I’m also really inspired by travelling, beaches, space, and the people in my life that I love.

What’s one of your favorite mixes you’ve created?
From my last mixtape, Curriculum Vitae, I think my favorite mix was “Music Sounds Hella Good” by No Doubt, Stardust, and Loleatta Holloway.

Check out "Music Sounds Hella Good" below!

What’s one of your most memorable experiences from either NASA or DJing?
Last February I performed NASA Johnson Style at the Space Explorations Educators Conference in Houston. Most of the people there were NASA employees and science teachers so they really really enjoyed the performance. I was taking pictures and signing autographs for like an hour straight! It was really cool to feel like a celebrity!

Sim with NASA astronaut, Tracy Caldwell Dyson

What are some of your goals you want to accomplish?
Finish up school as soon as possible so I can work full-time at NASA. I also want to win a Grammy and play professional ice hockey in Asia.

What’s your favorite thing about NC State?
I love being in Raleigh, my hometown. Everything about being here just feels right.

Any last words/comments for our readers?
Thanks so much for the feature, Her Campus! You can keep up with my projects on twitter ( and Facebook ( if you’d like. All of my music is free for download. Stay positive and do what makes you happy!

For more information on Simtraks or to hear some of his music:
| Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud |