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The Best Youtube Workouts to do at Home While the Gym is Closed


During these unforeseen times, it has been difficult to workout at home while the gyms are shut down. We’ve all been sitting down at home for way too long, so it is time to get up and get moving. Here is a list that I have compiled of all of my favorite Youtube workout videos that I encourage everyone to try.


Without weights, it may seem like it is hard to get a good arm workout, but you don’t need any equipment to shape and tone your arms! You can easily add weights to increase the burn!


I love growwithjo’s slimming arm workout because it incorporates exercises that I had never done before. Change is always good!

Growwithjoe Arm Workout


Holly Dolke’s arm workout will literally kill your arms but the burn is real!

Holly Dolke Killer Arms


One of my favorite Youtube fitness gurus is Emi Wong, and her arm workout is amazing!!

Emi Wong Arm Workout


If you want to burn fat from your thighs, Emi Wong’s no-jumping workout is perfect for just that! This is one of my all time favorite workouts!

Emi Wong Thigh Burn


If you like barre classes at the gym, you’ll be sure to like Pamela Reif’s full leg workout!

Pamela Reif Butt, Thigh, Calves


I know we’re all trying to get a toned butt, so you’ll definitely want to try these workouts to make your booty happy! Add a resistance band to any workout to enhance the burn!

Chloe Ting has an amazing workout that targets the booty, while slimming the waist too!

Chloe Ting Butt and Waist


Daisy Keech is known for her amazing booty, so her workout is one to try!

Daisy Keech Bubble Butt Workout


I really like Alexis Ren's Butt Workout. It’s great if you want to focus more on toning and lifting rather than building your butt. 

Alexis Ren Butt Workout


LucyLFitness has a really great workout that targets the upper glutes. She also explains in depth which muscles are targeted in each workout, and she gives helpful tips to enhance results!

LucyLFitness Upper Glutes


Abdominals are one of the hardest workouts to do, so grab some motivation and try these at home! Helpful tip: the best way to get a flatter stomach is to cut out added sugars from your diet.


Some of us may have tried Chloe’s Ting two week ab challenge during quarantine. She has countless ab workouts on her channel so check them all out!

Chloe Ting 2 Week Abs


If you’re working toward a six-pack, Pamela Reif’s intense ab workout is the one for you!

Pamela Reif Six Pack Abs


MadFit has an amazing lower ab workout, which is one of the toughest spots to target. 

MadFit Lower Abs

Full Body

If you’re looking for a workout that targets the whole body all in one, HIIT workouts may be calling your name. They are high intensity and burn a lot of calories!


Heather Robertson has a 30 minute fully body workout that requires no equipment, so it’s perfect to do at home!

Heather Robertson HIIT


Another great full body workout is Emi Wong’s 30 minute no-jumping HIIT video! 

Emi Wong HIIT


I hope these suggestions can help anyone who is in need of a worthwhile at-home workout. I have done all of these myself so I know you can too! Try them with your friends, roommates, or even family members for some additional motivation and fun! Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy!

Abby Walsh is a sophomore at NC State University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Nutrition. She loves all things health and exercise related and has a passion for mental health. She is a proud Leo woman, with a love for Astrology. She is so happy to have the opportunity to use Her Campus as an outlet to empower other women through her writing!
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