Affirmations and Body Positivity



A couple of weeks ago was National Eating Disorder Week and I found a body-positive Instagram account that I really want to share and appreciate! The account is @imdionysia, and the woman who runs it is a body-positive influencer and also recovering from an eating disorder. The account posted something that really stuck with me and I wanted to write an article about it because it meant a lot to me. As someone who struggles with disordered eating, there are some days that aren’t as bad as others, and then there are really bad days. On really bad days, I need positive words for myself and for my body for my own sanity. The post is ‘affirmations for bad body-image days’ and I’m going to share the affirmations that she posted for you guys for when you need a little pick me up!

  1. 1. “I also have days where I feel better about my body, this feeling will pass.”

    As I said, there are days that are good and there are days that are bad. On the bad days, it’s important to remind yourself that not every day will be as bad as the one you’re having, and things do get better.

  2. 2. “I appreciate my body for the things I get to do with it.”

    This affirmation is really important to me and helps me a lot. I forget how privilege I am to have a healthy body that allows me to walk, talk, see, run, dance, etc. I take my body and all of the amazing things it can do for granted. Understanding that your body is more than your insecurities is so important. It’s also important to remember that the way your body looks, and your appearance are so much less important than all of the amazing things that your body can do.

  3. 3. “My worth doesn’t depend on my appearance.”

    As I said above, your value as a human isn’t based on how you look. Although society can make us think that, the way you look doesn’t matter. The way you treat people, treat yourself and the energy you put out into the world has so much more value than your looks.

  4. 4. “I get to do the things I enjoy, no matter what I look like.”

    This affirmation is such a great reminder. No matter what you look like, how much you weigh, etc. YOU CAN STILL ENJOY THINGS! This one is hard for me because a lot of the time, I feel insecure about the way I look and don’t let myself enjoy things. However, the way you look doesn’t stop you from having fun, you and your subconscious are the ones to stop you from enjoying things!

  5. 5. “The way I feel is more important than the way I look.”

    I know I keep saying this but, the way you look really doesn’t matter. If you feel good inside and are having a great day, that’s all that matters. People who judge people based on their looks rather than their attitudes are losers! Have fun, feel good, and stop caring so much about the way that you look.

  6. 6. “I don’t have to look a certain way to treat myself kindly.”

    This affirmation is definitely one of the most challenging for me. I seem to always tell myself that if I was just a little bit skinnier then I would like myself and be kinder to myself. Although, I know deep down that that is not the case. No matter what you look like, you should always treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others.

  7. 7. “I’m worthy of love, respect, and care no matter what I look like.”

    If people don’t treat you well because of how you look, drop them! No one should ever treat someone differently because of their looks. You also have to allow yourself to be loved and cared for, which is really hard but, there are so many people who do love and care for you so, let them!

I know that some of these affirmations are easier said than done but, if you keep telling yourself these things, eventually they will stick with you. Remember to always treat yourself with kindness and take care of yourself.