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5 Ways to Prioritize Yourself this Valentine’s Season

Valentine’s season can be a stressful time for single people and couples. It is easy to feel like your relationship is not perfect enough, or that you are inadequate for being single during Valentine’s. Instead of stressing over your relationship status, it can be refreshing to focus on yourself! Here are ways to prioritize yourself during this Valentine’s season:

1. treat yourself to dinner

Whether you want to go out to eat by yourself or with friends or your partner, you deserve to enjoy a nice meal! Eating with others can be a great way to connect and catch up with your besties, and eating alone is a laid-back way to explore restaurants you have never been to before!

2. Buy yourself a cute outfit

Whether you are single or taken, the confidence boost provided by a new outfit can be really empowering. Remind yourself to love yourself and your body by buying an outfit that makes you feel good!

3. Buy yourself flowers

That’s right, you can buy yourself flowers! Flowers from a loved one are awesome, but it can be empowering to buy yourself a beautiful bouquet just because you deserve it. Plus, who doesn’t love having fresh flowers in a vase on their desk?


Nails, hair, massages, face masks and all! A spa day is a great way to prepare for a date, but it is also totally valid to treat yourself to a spa day to relax. Regardless of whether you are single or taken this Valentine’s season, you deserve to relax and look fabulous.

5. Practice mindfulness

Yoga and meditation are great ways to experience stillness. Our minds can often race with feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, and mindfulness practices are excellent tools that help us slow down our thinking. Practicing gratitude for yourself is essential whether you are in a relationship or not!

Lastly, remember that you are worthy of treating yourself at any time, not just during Valentine’s season!

Ashley Rattenbury is a junior at NC State majoring in psychology and minoring in genetics and criminology. She currently works from home proofing legal documents. She has a passion for yoga, pilates, running, cooking, video games, art, and cartoons. After graduation, she plans to attend law school. She looks forward to writing articles about women's health, relationships, and popular culture for Her Campus!
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