5 Ways to Style your Favorite Quarantine Hoodie

If you’re like me and have been LIVING in a hoodie for about 6 months, breaking the hoodie habit can be a hard one. The back and forth between style and comfort can be a tough choice but today’s trends tell us we don’t have to make it. We can choose both comfort and style. Since shelter and place have ended I have found myself trying to incorporate my favorite hoodie into every outfit… Here are my top 5 favorite stylish ways to wear a hoodie this fall. 

  1. 1. With a Skirt

    The loungewear comfy look has risen quickly in popularity since the start of 2020. But don’t throw out your skirts just yet… A hoodie with your favorite mini skirt can help spice up your hoodie just enough for brunch. 

  2. 2. As a Set

    We love a good cozy set. Pick out a pair of joggers to match your fav hoodie, along with some gold jewelry and you have yourself a stylish yet cozy look.

  3. 3. With Biker Shorts

    Part of what makes the hoodie a fan favorite is the lack of definition. Even on your most bloated days, the hoodie can be your go-to. But somedays when you’re feelin’ yourself throw on some biker shorts to show off that figure!

  4. 4. Over a Dress

    Who doesn’t love a cute late summer dress moment.. But let’s be real as soon as you step foot inside the AC can make you wish you hadn’t taken off those sweatpants. But luckily for us it’s trendy to mix up your fancy fit with a comfy and warm hoodie. 

  5. 5. With Jean Shorts

    Towards the end of summer when the nights get cooler layering is essential! So throw on a hoodie over that cropped top and settle in for the night!