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Quarantine has really allowed me to expand my knowledge of movies. I started quarantining in March like everybody else, and I was a graduating senior in high school who pretty much had no school work. This led me to find new movies that are so amazing, I just have to share.

The Florida Project

When I tell you this movie changed me, I truly mean it. This film tells the story of a 6-year old girl named Moonee living with her young single mother Hailey in a motel known as the Magic Castle in Florida right near Walt Disney World. Throughout the film, you can see Moonee playing with her friends and enjoying her life just in her motel when she’s right near what is considered to be the happiest place on earth. Everything appears so bright and colorful throughout this film which makes it seem like you are seeing the world through Moonee’s eyes when in reality her mother is struggling to provide for her. This movie gave me a new perspective of what it’s like for those living in poverty, and I honestly was crying by the end of it. You can watch the trailer here!

Call Me By Your Name

This may be a movie that a lot of people know, but I just have to talk about it. When I watched Call Me By Your Name I finally understood why almost every girl is in love with Timothee Chalamet because his acting and charisma throughout this movie is to die for. The movie takes place during the summer of 1983 in Northern Italy where 17-year-old Elio spends his summers with his family at their villa. Every summer, Elio’s father picks a graduate student to intern for him, and this summer it was a handsome man named Oliver. Elio and Oliver soon discover a life-altering romance with each other amid the beauty of the Italian scenery throughout this film. I truly love everything about this movie from the acting to the soundtrack. It’s so well directed, and you honestly feel like you’re a part of the setting while watching the movie. Tears were definitely shed by the end.


Moonlight: one of the best movies I have ever seen. This movie tells the story of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. The movie is divided up into three chapters of Chiron’s life which include his childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. You can witness his journey into adulthood through the help of his community, but you also witness the bullying and betrayal Chiron faces when it comes to his sexuality which he tries to come to terms with throughout the film. Moonlight addresses important issues such as sexuality, masculinity, and poverty. The colors used within the movie contribute to the story and have a deeper meaning which makes the film even more beautiful.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Another LGBTQ+ film because we love the representation. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a French film that tells the story of a painter named Marianne who is promised money to do the wedding portrait of Heloise. Marianne is given the task to paint her without her knowledge because Heloise has refused to pose for painters due to her reluctance to get married. Marianne and Heloise grow closer throughout the film and end up falling in love. This is an alluring love story that should not go unnoticed. Not to mention, the movie takes place on an island and I’m sure everybody already knows at this point how I can just fall in love with the scenery of movies.

20th Century Women

Last, but not least, 20th Century Women is a must-see because who can miss out on the acting of Elle Fanning AND Greta Gerwig. The movie takes place in 1979 Santa Barbara where Dorothea Fields is a single mother intent on raising her teen son Jamie while also running a boarding house. In order to do this, Dorothea decides to ask for the assistance of two young women named Abbie, a tenant of the boarding house, and Julie, one of Jamie’s closest friends, to help raise Jamie, so she can develop a better relationship with her son. This is a great movie for those who cannot get enough of the coming-of-age genre, and it’s such a funny movie with unforgettable moments. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Dorothea becomes uncomfortable with Abbie’s knowledge of the feminist movement, so Abbie decides to bring up the topic of menstruation during dinner. That scene was so important and so funny at the same time.

It was so hard trying to pick only five movie recommendations because I know so many other great ones, but these five are just so special and hold so much meaning to me. I would definitely recommend every person I meet to watch these movies.

Shreya is a sophomore at NCSU majoring in political science with a minor in women and gender studies. She has a passion for social justice and feminism, and she enjoys helping those in need. Shreya lives in Apex, and she is a HerCampus contributor which she is so excited to continue writing for! Shreya is also on the leadership team for the Feminist Collective and is the president of IGNITE at NCSU. Some of her favorite things to do include watching movies, spending time with friends, traveling, and going to concerts.
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