4 Ways to Stomp the Spring Slump

Now that spring break is over, and school is coming to a close in a little over a month, many of us find ourselves in a spring slump. We become tiresome, we procrastinate, and we're still in spring break mode! However, this is the worst time to become lazy! It's about to be finals week before you know it, so here are 4 ways to STOMP that spring slump! 

  1. Create a Schedule - Make sure to plan ahead and stay on top of your schoolwork. Go through all of your syllabi and write down on your calendar the things you need to do. Google calendar is a life saver for me! I can see all of my events nice and neatly and color code them! I can have school work in one color and social events in another. You can also make alarms for specific events to remind you to do your homework! I used to have a reminder a day in advance for my webassign or a couple hours before. You will never forget a deadline again! 
  2. Get enough sleep - Getting enough sleep will give you energry throughout the day and help you power through those tough study hours. It will also help with your focus!
  3. Work out - Working out can be a great stress buster! Being active can release endorphins that will make you feel good and distract you from your daily worries
  4. Reward yourself - Even though you're working hard, don't forget to reward yourself for all of you work! Take time for yourself, it will relieve stress and also keep you motivated! 

Hope you power through this last month of school. I know we can call power through and then enjoy summer!