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Having a best friend is supposed to be a person you can tell anything and everything to with no shame, a person to laugh and cry with, and even a person to occasionally fight with. But when your relationship goes from Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods circa 2016 to 2019, enough is enough. 

I’ve definitely had my fair share of best friend break ups. Having history with a person makes you blinded to the fact that some people don’t have your best interests at heart and growing apart is okay. Clinging to some old version of someone and trying to patch things up week after week is when a friendship feels more like a full time job. Here’s 3 signs you really should end that friendship. 

One: you feel nervous to tell them something. Feeling nervous or scared to tell your best friend something is a bright red flag. Whether it be that you're back together with the guy she hates, can’t hang out later, or got your feelings hurt not being able to say how you feel is not what a friendship is about. I have countless times swallowed how I feel because I know saying it would start a fight that would never end. Your feelings are valid and that leads me into my next point... 

Two: they play the victim card more times than you can count. Have you ever been so hurt at someone and as soon as you tell them you have become the bully. This is the victim card and some people have an auto-renewal membership. Taking accountability shows maturity and their lack of it means you deserve better. Now this isn’t a one way street. Chances are, if no one has ever done this to you, you might own the card. Getting rid of this card is simple: own up. Own up to mistakes and move past them. If your bestie has no intention of doing that it’s probably time to let go. 

Three: you break up and make up more than Blair and Serena. Every friendship has it’s ups and its downs, but if you guys are fighting and making up every other week it might be a sign that you guys just aren’t meant to be. I remember in my past friendship I let a lot go in order to maintain the friendship, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. 

In the end you have to know your worth. Sometimes people outgrow one another and that’s okay. Everyone talks about the heartbreak of losing a boyfriend or girlfriend but losing a best friend can hurt even more. Sometimes you have to let go to flourish. Feel that hurt and move on. College leads you to so many wonderful human beings, and without those tough times with old friends, I would have never met my lifelong ones. 

Hey! My name is Samiyah Lateef and I’m a 19 year old Pakistani-American. I am currently a sophomore at NC State on the pre-med track. I love fashion, beauty, and traveling. In my free time you can find me taking photos, reading, and making jewelry. This year I’ve been shadowing at WakeMed hospital and am Pre-Med Service/Social Media coordinator at NC State! I also ran a fashion and lifestyle blog for two years and can’t wait to write and share my life on HerCampus. Find me @samiyahlateef on instagram and feel free to reach out anytime x
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