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10 of the Best Locations at and Around NC State to Take a Unique Professional Headshot

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCSU chapter.

In today’s competitive professional world, one great way to stand out as an applicant to any job, university or program is to showcase what makes you unique. A great way to highlight your personality and individuality is with a striking professional headshot for your LinkedIn, email profile picture, social media, resume or website. Here are 10 beautiful places on or near NC State’s campus that you can use as a backdrop to your new professional headshot!

Note: Some of the places on this list are areas where silence is appreciated or required, such as the libraries. Wherever you go to take a professional headshot, please be sure to respect the space you are in and the other people around you.

the North Carolina museum of art

The North Carolina Museum of Art has plenty of art installations to match your personality. Although the outdoor Museum Park has lots of options to choose from, make sure to ask museum staff for permission if you are planning to take any headshots indoors!

Pictured are ring sculptures entitled “Gyre” which are part of the outdoor Museum Park.
the d.h. hill jr. library color wall

Though there are lots of beautiful places inside D.H. Hill Jr. Library, the Color Wall is a great way to add some cheer and personality to a headshot! Be sure to respect the students studying and take photos quietly if you want to take a headshot at the library.

Pictured is the Color Wall at D.H. Hill Jr. Library at NC State.
pullen park

The greenery and lake at Pullen Park make the perfect backdrop for a professional headshot! Bonus: you can enjoy a relaxing walk or picnic after you do your photoshoot.

Pictured is the lake at Pullen Park.
downtown raleigh

There are so many beautiful backdrops in downtown Raleigh, but the murals are arguably one of the best places to take a gorgeous headshot. Be sure to grab lunch and explore the city if you go downtown to take a photo!

Pictured is a downtown Raleigh mural done by Gabriel Eng-Goetz for the Dix Park Conservancy.
the court of north carolina

The Court of North Carolina is one of the most beautiful spaces on campus. The historic buildings and lush greenery in the courtyard are excellent backgrounds for a headshot.

Pictured is the 1911 Building in the Court of North Carolina at NC State.
hillsborough street

There is so much to love about Hillsborough Street. This mural in particular is the perfect background to showcase your Raleigh pride!

Pictured is the “Welcome to Hillsborough Street” mural by Jermaine (J.P.) Powell.
the village district

In addition to having lots of great shops and restaurants to explore, the Village District is also home to several gorgeous murals just begging for you to take a photo in front of them!

Pictured is the “Hand Out Happiness” mural seen outside the Goodnights Comedy Club in Cameron Village.
the JAMES B. hunt JR. library skyline reading room

James B. Hunt Jr. Library is known for its modern and sleek design. The Skyline Reading Room is the library’s crown jewel and an excellent place to take a gorgeous headshot. Since the reading room is a quiet space, be sure to respect the students studying and take photos quietly if you want to take a headshot at the library.

Pictured is the Skyline Reading Room at James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NC State, Centennial Campus.
the free expression tunnel

The Free Expression Tunnel is a dynamic piece of art that never looks quite the same. It’s a great place to take an edgy and modern headshot, but be extra careful that your backdrop is free of profanity or offensive language.

Pictured is the Free Expression Tunnel at NC State.
Talley student union

There are so many beautiful places in Talley Student Union, but this NC State wall is a great background for showing off your school pride. Talley is not a quiet space and is often quite loud and chaotic. However, lots of students study there, so be sure to be respectful if you decide to take your headshot in Talley!

Pictured is the “NC STATE” wall at Talley Student Union at NC State.

Now grab a friend and a camera and get out there and take a professional headshot that showcases what makes you stand out!

Ashley Rattenbury is a senior at NC State majoring in psychology and minoring in genetics and criminology. She currently works from home proofing legal transcripts. She has a passion for mental health, yoga, pilates, running, cooking, video games, art, and cartoons. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school and study clinical mental health counseling. Ultimately, she wants to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor. She looks forward to writing articles about mental health, self-care and popular culture for Her Campus!