Meet Nzinga Watts-Harper

Confidence is key, and Nzinga Watts-Harper certainly has it! This senior Mass Communications (Media Studies) major has an undeniable presence. You might recognize Watts-Harper by her crisp and stunning runway walk, her impeccable fashion sense, or her alluring voice and strong personality. Nzinga is an Apparel Design minor, but her fashion influence certainly exceeds the boundaries of the classroom. It's no rare sight to see her pumping the yard and looking oh-so put together. She carries herself with an elegance and authority few can imitate.

Zing inspires us to unashamedly be ourselves, quirks and all, and she's quite the creative. We've seen her express her personality, mood, values, and political views through her fashion, modeling, writing, and even her drive for success. As President of de Haute Allure Fashion & Modeling Troupe, a member of Sigma Alpha Pi (The National Society of Leadership and Success), a Campus Echo Contributor, a member of the Aspiring Eagles Academy, and a member of the NCCU Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists; Watts-Harper has proven just how big of an asset she truly is to our university.

Her Campus NCCU had the pleasure of tapping into the mind of Nzinga Watts-Harper and we were immediately intrigued by her creative sentiments and humble attitude,

What are your career goals?

 – I am an aspiring Fashion Media Guru. Editorial Styling, Creative Direction, Fashion Public Relations, and Advertising. I also want to possibly write for sitcoms, act, and wardrobe style. I plan to relocate to Los Angeles after graduation and move towards whatever feels right at that time. I feel as though you can never wear too many hats in this life, as long as you complete the job to the best of your ability. I aspire to inspire, however that may be.

Where are you from?

– I was born in Washington, DC, lived in Lanham, Maryland, and was relocated to Charlotte, NC when I was 10 years.  

How has de Haute Allure impacted your college experience?

 – DHA has helped me grow immensely. Creatively, emotionally, and academically. I would not be the person I stand today if it were not for my organization. It has taught me to place high value on myself, and the goals that I set. I’ve learned to remain HUMBLE. It has taught me to lead by example, for no one can learn from you unless you implement. I have learned that confidence is KEY, in every aspect of life. Also, I have learned that you can never work too hard, and when you feel like you are outworking yourself, reflect on your progress, and work harder. I am a creative first and always, DHA has helped me tap into that and acknowledge my positive attributes, while refining my negative.

What impact do you hope to leave on the organization as President?

 – As President, I hope to leave DHA with a greater sense of professionalism and poise. Each model within the organization should continue the legacy and maintain their stature as Model(citizen)s. Its greater than pumping down a runway, it’s the person you are, how you carry yourself, your character, and your lifestyle that make you great. I hope that in my absence, the ladies perpetuate those standards through their interactions with others on campus and within the Durham community.

What has de Haute Allure taught you about yourself?

– DHA has taught me that I am great, each day, greater than the next. However, my talent means nothing if I do not have drive to match.

How do you practice self-care?

– Meditation, isolation, and appreciation. I attempt to meditate daily, it helps me center myself and my direction. Isolation helps me focus on my energy and preserving the best of it for when I’m interacting in hectic or overwhelming environments. Lastly, appreciation, each day I reflect on the good things in my life. This keeps me in good spirits and helps to foster and maintain an attitude of gratitude.