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Dazzling Philomena

Philomena Nwanze is nothing short of dazzling, this Junior from Greensboro, North Carolina is beautiful, intelligent, motivated, and taking campus by a storm with her remarkable leadership abilities. Philomena, compassionately known as Philly, is a biology major with a concentration in Pre-Medicine and a Spanish minor. She's quite the renaissance woman, as she is well-balanced and diverse in her interests and abilities. You can usually find Philomena around campus sporting a smile on her face and carrying a positive energy with her as she takes on each of her endeavors. Philomena plans on entering a Physician Scientist program so that she can graduate with a dual MD/PhD degree. She wants to then start working as a Pediatrician and a Principal Investigator for clinical trials involving neurological disorders. (Her Campus is impressed!) This ambitious campus Queen serves as President of our beloved ASFABA, Vice President of Science African American Majors Evolving, a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Biology, a Research Intern in Dr. Gregory Cole's lab, and a small group leader for NCCU's Catholic Ministries. With a background as impressive as Philomena's, it was an honor for Her Campus NCCU to delve a little deeper into the mind of such a well-rounded, determined woman...




How has ASFABA impacted your college experience? 

I started participating in ASFABA as an Orekelewa Dancer my freshman year, then became secretary before being elected as president for this academic school year. Being in ASFABA has made me proud of being Nigerian and has afforded me the opportunity to meet other africans on my campus, many of which I am still very close to today. 

What impact do you hope to leave on the organization as President?

 As president this year, I stress collaboration, growth, and family. I make an effort to reach out to other organizations to help spread our vision and to help them grow as well. I truly believe that in order for us to become better we must support one another! In addition to support, I want ASFABA to be a family. At times it can be difficult being a "foreigner" especially if you recently moved to the States, so having a group of people who understand your jokes, enjoy the same music, and are from the country is comforting and can really enhance a person's overall college experience. 

Her Campus NCCU had a wonderful time at African Night! What is the goal of ASFABA's annual African Night? 

African Night was created to promote diversity on campus and to increase the  knowledge of the African culture and its rich legacy in the Durham and NCCU community. 

Who are your role models? Where do you get inspiration? 

My top role models would have to be my mother and Dr. Brooks. Both of these women have encouraged me, and showed me that it is possible to be apart of everything while still taking care and loving yourself. The prospect of a brighter day, and the possibility that my actions today could positively impact another person's life down the line gives me inspiration when I have to be innovative and create new ideas and collaborations. 

Describe the HBCU experience in 3 words... 

Supportive, Enriching, and Resilient. 

How do you practice self-care? 

With all the organizations I am a part of I sometimes forget to take care of myself first, but when I do I enjoy getting my nails done, spending some time alone, and engaging in yoga and meditation.

Hello! I am a sophomore at North Carolina Central University studying Biology with a concentration in Secondary Education. I'm an aspiring science teacher, part-time flower child, self-proclaimed book worm, and studying feminist. “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”
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