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7 Tips to Help You Survive Finals Week

The week that many of us dread is almost here. You guessed it, FINALS WEEK. For the next few weeks, students will be preparing to get through finals week within one piece and to also stay sane. In order to help students, get through the week, here are some of my tips that I still use and could be helpful for anyone.


1. Get a head start on your assignments.

Although finals aren’t for a couple of weeks, who says you can’t start preparing now. Get a head start on those papers and projects even if you only work for an hour a day. By starting early and even planning early, you can be sure to have a sane mind during the week.

2. Find a great location to study! 

Whether it’s in your room, outside on the yard, or in the library, a great location that can put you in the right mood to get things done is essential. Plus, during finals week, the library stays open later than usual. Take advantage!

3. Make a to-do list!

Planning out your assignments for each class is huge during finals week. Take at least 30 minutes to go over every single thing you must get done during that week. Whether it’s working at your job, meeting with a group, or anything, making a to-do list will keep you on track so you won’t miss anything.

4. Take breaks as much as needed!

Experts say that it’s best to study in 30 minute intervals and take 10-15 min breaks in between. Whatever works for you, make sure you at least take some time for yourself. Take a walk around campus, hit the gym, or even take a short nap. These things will help you recharge throughout the week.

5. Work with a partner!

Working with friends can be a good thing, especially the friends who you know will keep you on track. Hit the library or study rooms together to get your work done. You’ll have some laughs and find yourself completing all of your assignments.

6. Have a playlist of music to help you focus!

Most studies have shown that classical music helps students retain information. Me, personally, I love my Christian playlist to help me stay focus. From Rap, to R&B, maybe even country music is a good way to keep you focused and awake!


Finals week is probably the toughest week for any student anywhere. But don’t stress yourself out. Make sure you get plenty sleep and just relax! You will do your best and regardless, be proud that you have completed another semester!


Remember, you have been preparing for this moment all semester. Have a positive mind and outlook and you will be see A’s across the board! #HCXO

JoCora is a current Graduate Student at NCCU obtaining her Master's in History. She is a 2014 NCCU graduate receiving her BA degree in History Secondary Education. A lover of history, politics and sports, JoCora spends much of her time reading, writing, hanging with her friends and catching up on much needed sleep! Eventually, she plans to obtain her Ph.D in History and become a professor. Her favorite quote is "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" by Eleanor Roosevelt.
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