5 Struggles Only NCCU Students Understand

As NCCU students, there are some things that only us Eagles can relate to. We often ask ourselves, "Is this real life?" every time something ridiculous happens (which is very often here). To sum it all up for you, Her Campus is here to give you an inside peek on what we Eagles go through here in the heart of Durham.

1. Surprise Class Cancellations


Your professor decides not to show up to class. No email. No warning. Just time wasted getting ready for a class when you could've stayed in bed.

2. The Jesus Steps


It's 90° outside. You feel like you just ran a marathon. Your legs are aching. Sweat is dripping from your face. You've probably stopped about 3 times before making it to the top, but you made it nonetheless.


3. Cafe Food


Is that supposed to be lasagna or..?


4. Free Laundry


You would think that free laundry would be a good thing for NCCU, but I think it's safe to say that we all have mixed feelings about it now. Now that laundry is free, EVERYBODY is doing laundry 24/7. Washers and dryers are always full no matter what the time is. All I ever want to do is wash my clothes, hassle-free. Is that too much to ask for?


5. The Never-Ending Rivalry Between NCCU & NCAT


As NCCU students, we are constantly having to prove that we are the all-around better school. The social media fued between NCCU students and NCAT students can get exhausting after a while. From athletic to academics. Predawn to 10:40 breaks. HBCU Digest's 2016 HBCU of the Year. NCCU is all that A&T ever wishes they could be. I mean.. What's an Aggie to an Eagle?


The struggle can truly be real sometimes, but us NCCU students wouldn't trade it for the world. Eagle Pride, Amplified!