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Why Getting That Old Thing Back Is Never a Good Idea

In a recent example of “going back to your ex drama”, R&B singer- Kehlani Parrish has gone through a public situation on social media dealing with her “current” boyfriend, Kyrie Irving, and ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR. It looks like PARTYNEXTDOOR and Kehlani may be back together. With all of the drama surrounding these three individuals, it made me question the idea: is there ever a good reason to go back to your ex? Lets face it, stepping into an old relationship isn’t always a good idea. Here’s why I think getting back with an ex just doesn’t work.

1. You Broke up for a Reason

Have you considered why it didn’t work out the first time around? There’s clearly a reason why you guys didn’t last. The past is the past, and most of the time it’s in the past for a reason. Just because you give your ex a second chance, it doesn’t mean that everything magically disappears.


2. You May Feel Lonely

Since you are single, you may feel lonely or desperate and getting back with your ex sounds good. You start to reminisce on all the good times that you had together. Just because you see other happy couples or miss the feeling of having someone, doesn’t mean that calling your ex is a good idea. Honestly, just take this time to get know and love yourself!

3. The Drama

Do you love drama? If you’re breaking up and making up every other week, that’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Personally, I hate drama and arguing takes up a lot of energy. Being in a toxic relationship is never a good. It’s clearly not working, you deserve happiness! It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship and figure out if it’s worth it.

4. They Might Never Be Who You Want Them to Be

You can’t make people change, they have to want to make the changes themselves. As women, we sometimes believe that we can make a man into being the “perfect guy”. People aren’t perfect and you can’t expect them to be. If you weren’t able to accept your ex when you were together, what makes this time different? Sometimes it’s hard to accept the fact that you can’t change a person. It’s better to let go, and look to the future!

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