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Twenty88 Review

Even before they were a musical duo, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have had undeniable chemistry. The Detroit rapper and the L.A. singer have collaborated on many hits together such as “Beware” and “I Know.”

Now Sean and Aiko have reunited to form the duo Twenty88. The duo’s self-titled debut, released on April 1st and streamed exclusively on Tidal the first four days, before being available on other platforms.

The Twenty88 project is the perfect example of why Big Sean and Jhene Aiko work so well together. Their voices balance between each other so well that making a complete project was a amazing idea. Twenty 88's 808’s, thumping bass, and chill production makes the project addictive and an attention grabber.

1.Deja vu

Twenty88 starts off with a nice intro! Sean and Aiko’s voices blend well together while singing the chorus. The song is pretty enjoyable and has a great beat. I personally love Jhene Aiko’s verse and the melodies that she brought to the track. Overall, the song is super chill, laid-back, and has a solid foundation.

2. Selfish

One of my favorite tracks off the album, “Selfish” is more of an upbeat song that everyone can relate to. Sean and Aiko discuss the tension and stresses of a relationship from a male and female’s perspective. They also performed “Selfish” on Jimmy Kimmel, which I really enjoyed.

3. On The Way

Although I enjoy the vibes of this song, “On The Way” is probably one of my least favorite tracks on Twenty88. The song isn’t bad but I do think that it messes up of the flow of the album. The hook is catchy, but nothing stands out.

4. Push It

Seriously, I adore the vibes of this song. The beat is perfect for the project which was produced by Da Internz. The melody makes you feel like you’re in space. It’s a very sexy and mysterious song that puts you in a great mood!


5. 2 Minute Warning

It took me a while to eventually like this song, but after a few listens I started to enjoy it. The song is more on the lustful side and features K-Ci & JoJo, which was a huge surprise. It isn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t mind listening to it.

6. Talk Show

I thought the concept of this song was really dope. Sean and Aiko play a couple “in love” on a television show. They begin talking politely about each other, it eventually turns into an heated argument. The song is relatable and I love both Sean and Aiko verses.

7. Memories Faded

My favorite song off the project! Jhene and Sean talk about the memories you can’t erase after ending a relationship. I really love the production for this song and it sounds amazing on speakers. It’s a very chill song to enjoy late at night and it most likely will have you thinking about your ex!

8. London Bridge

The outro of Twenty88 is definitely overwhelming. This track definitely has more of an Jhene Aiko influence than Big Sean. The beat is slow, and seems more depressing than anything. The song is enjoyable but I personally would've preferred something upbeat for the ending of the album.

Overall, Twenty88 shows us that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko can make great songs together. I think Twenty88 is a dope album and each song is definitely enjoyable.

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have a successful formula on their hands. I wouldn’t mind if they did another project together and actually made this duo a real group. It’s dope seeing a male and female duo and getting perspectives from both sides.

I would give this album an 8/10 and I think everyone should give it a listen. There’s definitely a song on the album that everyone can relate to.


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