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Swipe Right and You Just Might…

We’ve all been at that point when we have given up on finding love because we think the right guy for us probably doesn’t exist. Now we are sitting in our room thinking the unthinkable, last, worst, possible option….Tinder.

Nobody wants to admit, flat out, that they have created a Tinder to find love or a relationship, and we often hear: “My friend made me make one.” In my case, my friend really did suggest that I make one. I was completely against the idea but once I created one, I began finding single guys in my area and I ended up spending hours of my time on this app. The app is designed to connect others looking for friendship, romance, relationships, and all other things in between. The fun concept of this app is that you are only connected with those if you match with each other. In order to match with another person, you must “like” each other, which results from you both swiping right on each other. It is a bummer when you come across a handsome guy who could put a ring on it, and you don’t end up being a match, but you’ll quickly get over it because you’ll find someone else just as cute within the next couple seconds.

Of course, being attractive makes you want to swipe right (which means you like that person.) However, take time to read their bios. Some guys are completely honest and are just looking for hookups and if that’s what you’re into…go for it! I’ve swiped left (I don’t like that person) millions of times because of ignorant things said in bios, if a guy posts pictures of drugs or alcohol, or anything that seems off-putting.

There is no better feeling than swiping right on someone and instantly getting the notification “It’s A Match!” Usually a message from him will follow but if not, don’t be shy, message him first. Tinder also has the option to “Super Like” someone. In my experience, Super Liking someone just means you’d really like to connect with them, they stood out the most out of everyone else. I’ve personally never Super Liked anyone because I don’t take Tinder too serious. I have communicated with a few people who live in my area and attend my school. I haven’t met up with anyone just yet for a date or a fun outing because I am a little more skeptical than the average person and tend to have thoughts about this individual being an ax murderer, but that’s beside the point. I have been asked out on dates but I haven’t taken it too seriously and fell off.

If you ask me, Tinder is a thumbs up because you have the opportunity to meet people who are local and possibly connect with them. I do believe relationships and love could form from Tinder connections, it may take a couple tries though. So, don’t be ashamed about making a Tinder because more people have created one than you would’ve never even known until you see their picture come up on your phone.

Go ahead and swipe right and you just might find the love of your life!

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