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Story Time: All About Bobby

I know females are always saying how guys are so inconsistent and how they don’t care about anybody but themselves. Well, do I have a story for y’all…

It was Friday, February 10, 2017 and my DM’s were dry per usual. This guy (who we’ll name Bobby) DM’d me that evening and was trying to take me out, talking about how he was trying to take me to the drive in movie theater, which was cool because I’ve never been.

Mind you, this is the second time he’s asked me out, because the first time he flexed on me. Naively, I said yes to his offer and figured I’d give him a second chance since he is fine. We made a time for seven o’clock on Saturday and he told me he would talk to me before then. Cool!


Here we are at 7pm, and I heard nothing from Bobby. It is now 8pm and I texted him with the emoji eyes like, “where you at?”

This man told me “7pm came and went and I didn’t hear anything from you.” Boy Bye. Then he told me, “oh we can chill and watch the game.” 

Boys are inconsistent when it comes to following through with plans. You can’t say that you’re going to take a girl out and then invite her over to watch a basketball game. Unacceptable. Guys, don’t be a Bobby. Do. Better!!!

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