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Do you ever get THAT feeling? The feeling of 10,000 seemingly amazing ideas surfacing and occurring in your head all at once? The feeling of there being so many things you’d like to do but something deep down inside telling you that you could never or would never? THAT. FEELING. The feeling of living in your own little world of self limitation and imaginary boundaries.  The feeling of drowning yourself in thoughts of unknown multi-million dollar ideas or creative insight you have yet to see. The feeling of lacking confidence and affirmation. 

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I personally can ramble about this feeling because it is an ongoing battle I am faced with daily. Moments and minutes pass by as I daydream about all I want to do, but have yet to take the first step to triumph. As kids, we are taught that “you can do anything you put your mind to!”, but what if your mind is all in and your heart or body is telling you no? (a lil reverse R Kelly for you lol) As a college student and upcoming creative, this is a continuous struggle for me on a campus where I often feel like just another face in the crowd. The numbers are abundant and the creative freedom is plentiful, but I can never seem to find the green light inside of me that is powered by confidence and tells me “Go Shay! Go!”.

As of now, I have no answer nor solution to this feeling because well… I have yet to overcome it. But, what I can tell you is that the key to ending this close mindedness is confidence. Confidence in yourself, your ability, your mind, your ideas and giving yourself the green light! All gas, no brakes! Take a step outside of your box and just… create. This being my first published written work was my first step, what’s yours?


Hey hey! Known as Shay, I am a freshmen psychology student (as of right now) who enjoys eating, dancing and saying what’s on my mind. Firm believer in all things sagittarius and lover of adventure! Really.. i’m just a young black woman building my empire, walkin’ in my purpose and rockin’ my truth!
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