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So, you have this new crush and he or she is total eye candy on campus. You don’t know anything about him/her, but his/her name. So you start asking around if people know who he/she is, who he/she hangs around, yada yada yada. Finally, someone coughs up his/her Instagram name! Without hesitation, you type in his/her IG name in the search bar and bingo, there he/she is…

It is totally okay to become a semi-stalker when you find your crush on social media. We are here to tell you that this happens to everybody girl, so don’t panic! However, you must be aware that social media is only what people want us to see, it does not reveal their true character.

When looking through social media to determine whether you want to pursue this crush, it is imperative that you get the basics of who this person is. Most people’s Instagram’s are private, but if you happen to luck up and come across an open page, hit like and don’t be a ghost follower! This will allow them to know you exist, and more than likely, he/she will follow you back.

When scrolling through Instagram or Twitter or whatever they’re on, you can find out a lot about him/her. Things like if you and your new potential boo have mutual friends, their political views, their interests in music, movies, hobbies, and much more. Again, the way someone looks on social media may not be how they portray themselves in person.

Unfortunately, if you do stumble across the fact that they have a significant other, do not pursue this person romantically, anymore. Respect the fact that they’re in a relationship. 

Here’s a few tips for you when you find him:

  • Follow him/her!

  • Go see the pictures that he/she has been tagged in (this will let you see who he/she hangs out with, where he/she has been, what he/she is involved in.

  • Like a few recently posted pictures. It is definitely okay to scroll to 149 weeks ago, but don’t like all of his/her pictures! (Unless you’re just that bold.) Go ‘head girl!

  • Read through some of the comments under his/her pictures. (You can find a lot in the comments)

  • It’s totally cool to scroll through his/her ex’s page. (Yanno, for research purposes.)

  • Go through their likes if you find their Twitter. Likes tell you a lot about a person because these are things that they agree with or like, but they possibly don’t want it to be on their page on full display.

  • Feel free to scroll down his/her page to see get a gist of what he/she tweets and what he/she likes to tweet about. 

  • It’s okay to sub-tweet about him/she. But keep it lowkey though. Can’t get caught within the first few days of him/her following you.

So ladies, when stalking your crush on social media, be discrete because you don’t want to creep him out! Remember to look through what posts on social media because it could tell you about who he is. Social media is the portrayal of what people want you to see. Besides stalking their social media, we encourage you talk to your crush in person and try to see if you both connect before judging them! Happy Investigating!  

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