Shea Butter Brittany

Who is Noia Brittany?

Noia Brittany, an organic and cruelty-free skin care line, celebrates all skin types and genders. Using nature to improve skin, while keeping the customers’ convenience in mind is a major priority. To ensure products are 100% harmless, I decided to implement the journey of nurturing your body with chemical free products.

My journey of becoming an entrepreneur started from learning how to take care of my skin inexpensively, which turned into a Do It Yourself project.

I started my business in my dorm room at North Carolina A&T (NCAT) with my mom’s cake mixer and a dream: to be able to express my love for natural products, share my experience, and interact with my community in one motion.

Where are you from?

I am from Irvington, New Jersey.

Why NCAT? What's your major?

NCAT was the choice I made because I knew I was made for a HBCU. Best decision I have made thus far! I took a tour and the aggie pride was instantly there! I’m studying Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

What does self-care/self-love mean to you?

Self-care and self-love is love. It’s a way of protecting your peace. Self-care is knowing your wants and needs and being able to treat them. It’s a pleasure to create products that implement self-care. It’s my favorite part of having my business.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have always known I wanted to create. I came to school and figured out that my passion was people. I was thrilled by Entrepreneurship. I love having the opportunity to create anything and being able to stand by it. That’s my life now and I hope to create much more.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years?

Whoa, I’ll be 26! I feel like that will be the peak of everything for me. I see myself creating a space where people can buy my products. I plan to have a store that is centered around my values and integrity. I still want everything to be handmade, but not only by my hands. I’ll have a wonderful staff by that time. Hopefully, I’ll be getting ready to turn my business into a franchise!

How do you feel about Black women taking on major roles in corporate America? How do you feel about women in leadership roles in general?

I feel that it is mandatory. Though I’m an entrepreneur, I’m still a student. As I search for internships, one of the things that I look for is women in leadership positions. In companies, women are unappreciated and often exhausted. We are naturally leaders and our workforces need to abide by that.

If you could change anything about your experience here what would it be?

I would change some personal doubts and fears I had about myself. I think this would better my experiences here. I have finally gotten to point where I am fearless and I love it!

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

I would wish for more love. I think that is the solution to everything. I love love!

Did you have any special Valentine's Day Plans?

I actually just went out with my best friend. Not romantic, but still enough love for me. I was happy! Business wise I had a small sale.