Raising Dion: Who was the Bad Guy?

Warning! Before you proceed, there will be spoilers. If you have not seen the show, come back when you do.

Raising Dion, a new series on Netflix starring Michael B. Jordan, is about a kid named Dion who has superpowers. Sounds good, right? He gets the powers genetically from his dad, Mark (Jordan), who is only in the show in a few times each episode. He was killed by the “Lightning Guy,” and that’s where the show gets interesting. (If you have read this far, the spoilers begin now).

Pat, Mark’s best friend, is Dion’s godfather. He continues to remain in Dion and Nicole’s, Dion’s mom, lives even after Mark dies. Not suspicious, right? Mark and Pat were both at the aurora event, which resulted in everyone having superpowers. But not Pat. Allegedly. Pat does have migraines, though. Migraines so bad that Dion attempts to heal him; however, this almost killed Dion.  

After that, Pat has tried to make a move on Nicole, he has killed the only person helping Nicole with Dion, and she’s afraid and unaware of Pat’s condition. So, Nicole and Dion go to their cabin to get away for awhile. Pat follows them because he is dying and only Dion can heal him. Dion attempts to heal him because Pat is threatening to kill Nicole. While he is doing this, he temporarily injures him. Then, we see Pat become the Lighting Man, a very surprising plot twist.

Why hadn’t we realized Pat was the bad guy? If we think back, Pat was always overbearing. He was trying to take Mark’s role as dad from the beginning. Then, he really blew up when Nicole rejected him and he assumed there was someone else. Then, he also was at the aurora event. So, there was no way he didn’t go out to see what was happening. Pat should have been a suspect from the beginning.

I think this show did a great job at keeping the audience from realizing it. The show had us looking at all these different angles, but it had us viewing Pat as a harmless family friend. He was Mark’s best friend, so he was inclined to help Nicole and Dion. In the end, the show teaches us that you can never be too careful. There’s always another angle to look from.