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Protective Natural Hairstyles for Winter!

As Fall is starting to feel a lot like Winter, you want to protect the cuticles of your hair, from the cold and dry, crisp air. Keeping your hair moisturized throughout the Winter, will prevent your hair from breaking and becoming damaged.


There’s many different protective hairstyles for all various types of hair textures, lengths, and the “thickness” of your hair. The most protective hairstyle to wear throughout the Winter, would be braids, of course! Any cute braiding hairstyle ranging from box braids, to lemonade braids, faux locks, feed-ins, and even a very cute and creative braiding style of your own! However, remember that when you are wearing your protective braiding styles to always keep your hair moisturized! And yes, I didn’t forget about the wigs that we all love to wear! Just remember to keep your scalp hydrated with oils, cream, and even warm water will help!


After wash day, there are so many different hairstyles that you can try! My favorite protective hairstyle would be a cute twist out! You can definitely try this right after a really quick co-wash and your curl pattern will come out ten times better! Sometimes after a really good co-wash, I love to rock a wash & go! You definitely don’t want to try this during the winter, only because you will get sick. You can also rock a cute bantu knot set, that will keep your curls poppin’ for the rest of the week!

Here’s a few pics of my favorite protective styles!

Twist Out

-Lemonade Braids

-Feed-in Braids


-Wash & Go


There are many different hair products, that I Looveeeee to use! With Cantu being my favorite! I love the fruity smell and the curl pattern that it gives to my hair. I also use Creme of Nature (Argan Oil from Morocco). This product really helps you to embrace your natural curls. This includes curls ranging from 3A hair type all the way to 4c. I absolutely love the Shea Moisture products because it really saturates my hair follicles and it leaves my hair feeling, rejuvenated! You can pick up all of these wonderful hair products at your local Beauty Supply Store!


Remember, as the cold months of winter continue to “Fall” in, you want to maintain the moisture in your hair! Oils (Coconut, Olive, and Argan), creams (moisturizing and leave-in conditioner), and water, are the best moisturizers to use. Love your hair, like you love your man! You’ll only ever get one type of hair!

Hello, I am Kayla Rucker,I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, and a Junior here at North Carolina A&T State University. I am a Journalism/Mass Communications student, with a concentration of Multi-media Journalism. I am a inspiring Journalist, who has a passion for filming, television, digital media, and Social Media Marketing.
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