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October Date Ideas for You and Your Boo

October is here and it's time to get spooky with your boo! October is a month full of things to indulge in, such as making delicious treats or watching throwback Disney movies. Sometimes it's hard to find date ideas that aren't basic, like going out to eat or to the movies. With that being said, let's spice up your dates for this month with these ideas. Enjoy!

1. Pumpkin and Chill

I know everyone knows the popular saying "Netflix and Chill", well let's subtract the Netflix and add the Pumpkin. Pumpkin and Chill can be one of two things to do. First, you guys can ride out to your local pumpkin patch and take adorable photos together as you go on your to find your your perfect pumpkin. Now with that pumpkin, you can either paint on them or you can carve the pumpkin. While you're out, you can grab the materials you may need. Make sure to have snacks, drinks, and a playlist of youre favorite songs. To make it more interesting, you guys could paint each other on the pumpkins. The laughs you will have as your date explains why they painted your head so big will be priceless.

2. Watch Throwback Disney Movies and Shows

 I know you guys remember Disney's iconic movies and T.V. shows. From visiting the 13th floor at the Tipton hotel to turning into a cow from a spell gone wrong, Disney brings out your inner child when October comes around. Find time to plan a movie day that can include your favorite snacks, lots of blankets, the A/C blasting, and of course movies you would like to see.

3. Bake Spooktacular Treats

 It's time to get info the kitchen and show what you guys are made of! If you are a lover of sweets and enjoy trying things with your significant other, then baking is the right activity to do. Look up on Google or Pinterest recipes you guys might want to try. Then, head to the store to get the goods and get ready to enjoy your time together. You can make candy corn cupcakes, orange frosted sugar cookies, to spooky brownies. The possibilites are endless! Don't be scared to let your imaginination run wild and design some wild things. It can turn to a cookie decorating contest that is times, or just enjoy the baked goods and reflect on each other's day.

Here is a link for some Spooky Boo Brownies that you and your boo can make!

4. A Not - So - Spooky Night out 

Wherever you are located, there's always something going on downtown in your area. You can check out the cities website and see what type of events or festivals are coming into town. Get dressed up nice and enjoy a night on the town, while you indulge in festival activities. Remember to take a lot of pictures and post it all over social media.  

5. A Trip to the Fair

The smell of fried goods, the random bursts of music from rides, and the sight of colorful stuffed animals will put anyone in a good mood for a fair date. There are so many things for you uo do from riding the rides, to playing games for prizes, and even just pigging out with the cheesiest foods you can imagine. Be sure to have your wallets ready for a night of fun that you won't forget. Lastly, make sure to get someone to take a picture of you two as a memento for a great night.

Hello! I am a graduating senior here at NCA&T. I am a public relations student from Durham, NC. I enjoy romantic comedies movies and novels. I love cooking and to bake sweet treats. I am a dog mom to a spunky pup named Sasha and I am working on being more adventurous as my last year in college! Woot woot!
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