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No, You Cannot Stay With me for GHOE

No, you cannot stay with me for GHOE.

No, you cannot sleep loudly on my couch.

If so, I’ll charge you, cause my funds are low;

Sorry that I sound like a selfish grouch.


It is The Greatest Homecoming on Earth,

Here at North Carolina A&T.

I will assure you it is of much worth

Especially if you are an Aggie.


I do not care if you’re drunk, high, or broke

I do not wish to entertain you here

Cause I plan to be drunk until I croak.

Do not be sad and do not shed a tear,


But you asked to stay with me for GHOE,

And just so you know, the answer is no.

I am a GRADUATING Senior majoring in Secondary English Education from the Bull City, Durham, NC. I plan to be an English Teacher that encourages learning and wants to reform public education. I am very silly and playful and laid back. I believe that we are here for a good time, not a long time, so we should take risks and enjoy life.
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