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I’m sure no one has seen, or maybe even heard of this show, but it is just what is needed on days like these. My mother introduced the show to me when I was younger and it was an experience. Growing up watching TV with my parents was always an invitation to something old, yet new to me. From watching Dr. Who with my father, or M.A.S.H. with my mother, I learned to love it. It’s humor was dry and never applied to anything I was going through, but it succeeded in entertainment.  

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Photo by Tolu Bamwo from Nappy

Monk is a detective that is terrified of germs and contamination. Strange right? Thinking about it now, he was disturbed by many things, while also diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He lived his life with all of this and a very understanding wife. Her unsolved murder is what brought all of these phobias to life. It’s sad to say, but it also made him a better detective. Imagine eight seasons of mystery, mayhem, laughter, and even emotional roller coasters. Today’s detective shows could never! 

In analyzing these episodes, Monk has so much more than any of these tv detectives shows today. He was full of insecurities and phobias, but he learned to use them to his advantage. Even his boss, Leland Stottlemeyer, was jealous of him. I believe we can all look up to Adrian Monk in a way. He never let his wife’s murder stop him because he had a purpose. Even when he didn’t want to solve the case, he did so without realizing it. We all go through life with such terrors and we should never let the past hold us back from becoming what we are. So, do yourself a favor: pop some popcorn, watch the Monk marathon, and take notes from the mysterious Adrian Monk. 


Hi! I am Terah Williams, your future face of business. I attend North Carolina A&T as a Management Information Systems student. I am from the beautiful, evolving country-side Spring Lake, NC. I enjoy being enjoyed and smiling.
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