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Losing the Pouch

As women, we have all experienced a time where we have looked in the mirror and become instantly disgusted at our body. Whether it’s flabby arms, smalls boobs, flat butt, thunder thighs, the list goes on. I’m pretty sure most women have become annoyed with their pouch that sits right below their belly button. I’ve come to terms that if we have one, that might just be the way our bodies were created no matter how much weight we lose. I have constantly envied women who wear tight clothing and the only thing that pokes out is their rear end and boobies! Of course, our friends tell us that we still look amazing but I know that I don’t like looking at what I now call “my fat pouch/food baby.” The pouch has caused me to become super self-conscious about what I wear and sometimes lowers my confidence. I’ve had those break down moments because nothing looked right in the fitting room. Just as the iconic scene from White Chicks: “Who could’ve said that? Oh, yea it’s Tina the Talking Tummy.” Usually we think we look bad, but in reality it’s not as bad as it seems. However, I have found a few tricks that can totally help you hide and/or lose the pouch.


           Like most people, exercise isn’t the first thing that I want to do, but felt like it was my only option to lose my pouch. While this is semi true, I found some fashion hacks that helped hide my pouch.

1.     High waisted jeans or shorts

Whoever invented high- waisted bottoms is a genius because it tucks ALL the lower tummy fat in, while still being able to rock your belly.

2.     Shapewear

Okay, I wasn’t walking around wearing a corset or waist trainer and I’m not telling you to do that either. But, stores like JC Penney, Belk, and Dilliards have items like shapewear that you put on underneath your clothing and it compacts all the unwanted fat. Personally, I wore mine a good 5 times and it even made my waist appear a little smaller.

3.     Flowy/Looser fitting dresses

I love dresses and I’ve found that if I wear baby doll dresses (dresses that go in, in the waist and flare out) or A-line dresses, they aren’t skin tight on me and give the illusion of a perfect shape.  


I have learned some of those fashion tricks over the years, but eventually I got tired of having to go through all of that just to feel good. I wanted to feel good naturally. What better way than to exercise and eat healthy? I don’t care to spend hours in the gym, so I generally go in and get done what needs to be done. My main target area is of course my belly, so I made sure to focus on:


1.     Walking/Running/Jogging

I’m a huge fan of the treadmill. I typically walk or run on the treadmill every other day for about 1.5-2 miles. (Use the incline, this targets your thighs and lower tummy.)

2.     Crunches/Sit ups/Squats

These are very important. Even if you do a few sets at night in your room, you can notice your tummy getting tighter!

3.     Water Water Water!

Replacing water with your usual intake of juices, sodas, Starbucks beverages, and other sugary drinks can take off 5 pounds.

4.     Healthier choices

I’ve become super into eating healthier and cleaner. I cut out candy and little things such as getting an Auntie Anne’s pretzel every time I went to the mall.  


Overall, I have managed to become more confident in myself by following these little tips! The fat pouch is normal in most women and you might be stuck with a little pouch for life and that’s completely okay. Just remember to love yourself because you are perfectly imperfect!  


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