I like to believe I am a butterfly or was a butterfly. Or I will be one. Maybe in the next lifetime or I was one in the life before this one. 

Butterflies hold significance in my life. Let me explain why: At the end of 2015, I was a junior in high school, living life without a care in the world, really. Until my great aunt passed away. I was devastated. When I think of her now and even then, I always picture her sitting on her porch, with her warm smile and open arms as I walked up. She was such a light in my world, in my family’s world.  

I know you’re probably wondering, what does her great aunt passing have to do with butterflies? Bear with me, I’m getting there. 

After her passing, I thought of her more than I ever did before. Yearning in desperation for just one more hug and a kiss on the cheek from her, they were always the best. As I would catch myself thinking of her, trying my hardest not to sit in a pool of sadness, a yellow swallowtail butterfly would cross my path. Doing what butterflies do, flying so freely. Going with the wind and wherever that may have taken them. 

I used to think to myself, I’m not seeing these butterflies for no reason. This is no coincidence, there’s always a reason. And butterflies are great omens and I knew it was her. Yellow swallowtail butterflies represent a new life, rebirth or transformation. Giving me a sign of new growth, a new chapter with in my life. A transformation into a new stage in my life, a change, as if I was a butterfly. 

Butterflies give me this warm feeling every time I see them, telling me everything is going to be okay. Accept this change that you are going through. Evolve and don’t stop. They have given me a new outlook on what it feels to be free and grow. And I thank my aunt every day for this.

So yes, I am a human. But I like to believe I am a butterfly in spirit. Being free. Free from any limitations that may affect my growth as an individual. My only limitation is my perception and imagination. My only limit is me.