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Leaders Eat Last

Something to think about: Leaders Eat last; How long are you willing to starve before you get your plate?

Often times people assume that being a leader means that you are always telling people what to do or you are always doing something first. Leaders are seen as trend-setters; people who are presidents, celebrities, or people who are always at the forefront of everything. What if I told you that contrary to popular belief, leaders are often times the people who get left out of the spotlight.

What if I expressed to you that when a popular rap star says, “it’s lonely at the top” they may be talking about money and fame, but in reality the quote means so much more than having money and jewelry. How many of us would do the right thing if we knew that we would end up being isolated, bashed verbally, and made to feel like our voices were insignificant to progress and impact?

These are things that one has to ask themselves in times where being a leader means being an outcast. A lot of people have been told that, “if you do what is right, you will be rewarded and people will treat you well.” I wonder, was Martin Luther King Jr. thinking these same thoughts as he and other protestors were being chased by dogs and sprayed with water hoses for demanding rights that all human beings deserved? I wonder if the young Nazi soldiers who were just trying to stay afloat after an economic depression thought about what was right? Millions of lives were taken not only because of ignorance, but also because of conformity and silence.

To be a leader means to serve others for the greater good. When one leads others he or she is assisting in the betterment of those beings. When you serve you put yourself last. You are selfless and passionate about the growth the development of character; even your own.

“Eating last” means that you are willing to wait. No matter how much you’re starving, you will wait until things are right. In the beginning we can all wait a little while. It’s easy to wait for five minutes before everyone else to receive your plate. But what about when you starving? What happens when you get frustrated? When people don’t see your vision? When you know that what you are doing is right with all your being, but no one wants to hear you. Will you cut the line and grab your plate? Or will you persist on by yourself? Giving up is a lot easier than trying.  When you have to be your own mascot, how loud will you yell to cheer yourself on?

Lastly, leading isn’t about influence, charisma, or popularity. Some of the most popular people are following a crowd while hiding behind SAT words and high GPA’s. Following with a crowd is easy, just walk in the direction that everyone is going. Walk as far as you can see. Leaders are not leaders because they want to endure pain, isolation, backlash or loneliness. Leaders lead because sleep only comes after the bed is made right.


A lot of people are jumping into half-made beds, with ripped sheets and wondering why they are still restless. Defy conformity, be outspoken, tear into the normal, challenge and be challenged; even if you have to be an unstoppable army of one.

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