Healthy Alternatives for College Students

Most college students who live on campus do not get their daily intake of vegetables and the correct portion size for their food. Unfortunately, college does not do a very good job of feeding their students the food that their body can benefit from. On North Carolina A&T’s campus there is Pizza Hut, Chik-fil-a, Sub Connection, a wing place and we have a plethora of fast food places surrounding campus as well. The only semi healthy food that is easily accessible is either Sub Connection or Subway, which is disappointing. They have a vegan line in the cafe, but many people don’t even know it’s there. It’s time to discuss a few options that students could buy, and options that myself included incorporates into their diet.

  1. The alfredo chicken by Voila is really really great! The chicken is flavorful and it has an abundance of vegetables such as peas, carrots and broccoli. It also has pasta that can help you recuperate with carbs after a hard workout. It already has alfredo sauce infused in the meal so you don’t have to worry about that. This meal is only $3.98 at Walmart.

    2.    An essential that I keep in my food stash is strawberries and cream oatmeal and some fruit. Whether it’s oranges, pineapples or mixed fruit, I always keep a variety. The vitamin C in fruits is also something that aids in battling illnesses and flu season is upon us. Oatmeal is a great quick meal, that is filling and satisfying. Now, if oatmeal isn’t your thing, then don’t go buying two and three boxes of oatmeal. But to add some pop to your oatmeal, my mother taught me to add a lil butter and milk while it’s still hot.

   3.    Peanuts and cashews are great on-the-go snacks and the fats in these nuts are the good kind of fats for you. However, everything has to be in moderation. These bite size snacks are also very filling and quite tasty but just a little bit salty at times so make sure you have some water on hand. These foods are also good for a post workout snack as well.

I know this isn’t particularly considered food, but you should also always keep water in your room. Water is one of the best ingredients for your body so make sure your water intake is pretty high. Let’s take care of the only body we have!

Stay beautiful ladies!