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He’s Just Not That Into You

We’ve all been there. You really thought he was your next potential boo, and then as soon as you allow yourself to think this way and tell your friends about how great he is…he changes. Did he really change though? How are we so sure that he was even feeling us to begin with? What if he’s just not that into you?

Guys are strange and it’s safe to say that they make absolutely no sense. If you’ve ever questioned if he’s into you, sometimes you might have to be bold enough and simply ask. Of course, every situation is different and some guys really do not know how to speak up.

Here are some clear indicators that he might not be into you, so spare yourself the heartbreak:

  1. He avoids hanging out with you. He’s always giving you a reason why he can’t hang out. Also, if you’re always the one initiating to hang out…you might want to stop.

  2. He doesn’t care to really become intimate. This one is tricky because if a guy doesn’t like us like that, he might avoid physical interaction like kissing. However, some guys never seem to care if they want us or not, and are fine with being intimate even if they have no intentions of being with us.

  3. The texting is dry. If he barely texts you, sends you one word replies, or is inconsistent…sis, let him go.

  4. He might just see you as a friend and not as anything more. If he’s calling you “pal” or “dude,” anything of that nature, he might be friendzoning you.

As girls we must remember, that if he’s not all that into us that it in no way lowers our worth. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and just because he can’t see you that way, doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

You are still beautiful, inside and out.

Getting the vibe that he’s not into you is perfectly fine and I recommend to stop giving your attention to him. Move on before your feelings become even more invested because exhausting yourself over guessing if he likes you or not is extremely frustrating. Remember, never change yourself to fit someone else’s vision of beauty.  

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