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To the Finish Line

Ahhhhh. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. This includes homecoming.


Even though it’s one of the best times of the year for us college students, we can’t forget why we’re here! There’s only about 3-4 weeks left until the end of the fall semester, which is plenty of time to save your GPA. Here are some helpful tips to finish the semester off strong!


1. Plan Ahead

Professors LOVE to throw tons and tons of work at us, but the best way to beat the overload of assignments is to plan everything. Everyone knows due dates have a tendency to creep up on us, but procrastination is completely avoidable if you write it down. As soon as a new assignment is introduced, write the due date down.  Also, include when you are free to complete it in a planner or on a calendar ASAP. When planning, try to be as specific as possible. List times and locations; the environment that you work in is just as important.


2. Engage with Your Classmates

The ultimate goal here for everyone is to graduate, so there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to your classmates for extra help. They can also be a resource for notes. What you might have forgotten to write down, the person sitting across from you might have written it and more! If it’s possible, talking to students who take the same course and professor at a different time can help as well. If your social anxiety gets the best of you, there’s nothing wrong with an email!


3. Cater to Yourself

Built up stress never ends well, so giving yourself time to eliminate any extra is worth it! Whether it is doing face masks with your besties or going to bed a couple minutes early, “Me Time” is so important and without it, you’ll go crazy! Walking to and from class is the best way to prepare yourself mentally for what might come later in the day. You can’t go wrong with deep breaths and lots of water!


With these three simple hacks and consistency, you’ll be able to conquer the rest of the semester like the baddie you are! 4.0 season here we come!!



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