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Let’s take time to discuss this new Fenty Beauty shall we?

Quick shout out to her marketing and PR team too because they did THAT with those ads and campaigns.

Can I just start out with the fact that Rihanna SNAPPED on this! She did such a beautiful job with this line. From the shade range of the foundations, to the creaminess of her contour sticks, and let’s not forget about those popping highlighters. It definitely lives up to the name Killawatt. 

I’m just going to talk about the products I tested, which was the foundation, the Match Stix Matte Skinstick, the highlighters of course and the lip luminizer.

The 40 different shades of foundation was definitely a plus, because it’s so hard to find darker and, even sometimes lighter, shades that cater to different skin tones and undertones. The only downside is that the foundation does oxidize, so be sure to swatch it in store and wait a few minutes before you decide on the shade.

This product can be applied with a sponge or a foundation brush. The sponge gives off a more skin like finish, while the brush does not hold back at all and gives you that full coverage, blank canvas feel.

Be sure to bake your face if you’re oily with this foundation because the shine was really trying to come through after a few minutes. 

Moving on to the matte matchstix. First, they come in 20 different shades so you can conceal, highlight and contour with these. The swatches were amazing and they applied so creamy and pigmented. With this product, a little goes a long way, so be careful when applying to avoid that muddy look, instead of the snatched look. To me, the product was a little thick, so try not to go crazy and heavy handed with it either.

The Killawatt highlighters has to be my favorite product from this whole line. There are six different highlighters and they are all beautiful. Four out of the six are highlighter duos. One side has a more subtle wear-to-work glow and the other side is straight up, popping disco ball, you want to be extra, glow.

These four compacts are more pinkish and mauve colored, but the last two are thebomb.com. Mega Moon has a white gold, shimmery and frosty color, for when you just want to be seen, right along with Trophy Wife. This color is the gold of all golds, but you do not want to be heavy handed with it at all because it does have a lot of glitter fallout.

YouTuber Alissa Ashley suggests that when you apply it, you want to dip your brush in the product and tap it on your cheekbones instead of swiping it for a subtle glow. After you lightly tap it, then you lightly sweep to blend because the color is very pigmented and if you sweep to heavily, you will have gold flecks everywhere.

Lastly, I swatched the lip luminizer and can I start by saying it smelled amazing. It smells fruity, like peaches, with a hint of vanilla. The color is also so bomb. It’s like a rosy nude with a little bit of brown, and of course glitter. The thing I did not like was, it was a little too sticky for my liking, but it is so pigmented, so I’m not too mad. The color payoff was gorgeous and it can be worn at any place, whether it’s class or corporate.

From the products I’ve tested, I can definitely say that Rihanna really thought this through and was very inclusive when it came to the shade range for foundation. The colors, consistency, and intensity are all gorgeous and these products are worth the money in my opinion. Don’t believe me? Head to Sephora and see for yourself.

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