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Dear Life

Dear Life,

Go easy on me

I have a chemistry exam and I’ve been studying for weeks.

I’ve been kinda anxious and angry lately, ain’t had no sleep in weeks.

I’m really trying world but you just won’t give any easy

Please, can you have some mercy on me

I’m in love with a man who ain’t in love with me

Plus i’m involved in too many extracurriculars so I ain’t got no time for me.

I’m trying to impress you with this gpa and this resume cause I heard to get in good with you it ain’t all that free.

Don’t know what relax means, everyday i’m on the go barely have time to breathe

I’m stretching every part of my brain and giving all of my energy, and when I say i’m tired nobody knows what I mean

The kinda tired that you can’t sleep off, sometimes I just wanna hide under the sheets

And sometimes I wish I had someone next to me

Everyday and every night it’s just me

The tired where you start sweating on the way to class but it’s only 30 degrees

Lately I’ve been letting my anxiety get the best of me

I’ve just been trying to climb the ladder to success but it’s slowly killing me.

So life all I ask is that you go easy on me.

I can do anything; but go backwards! Lover of all things positive and vibrant. hopeless romantic. Rihanna Navy.Psychology Student at "THE" North Carolina A&T State University!"we are better then yesterday but never as good as tomorrow because we always exceed boundaries."Pretty in Pink; Supreme in Green 1908.
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