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Angelina Ballerina. She has more to her than what catches the eye. A smile that can lighten up the darkest day, a spirit that can fill the emptiest room and words that can change the world. Graciously dancing through life with a smile from ear to ear. Taking leaps of faith regardless of what twist and turns the world may throw at her.

Entering the world alongside her other half. Not knowing that he would be her reason why. The reason behind her smile, her reason to cry, her reason to live and her reason to die. He inspires her like no other; without him, she is nothing. Helping mold her into the woman she aspires to be and discover her purpose in life. Which is, to love. An intense feeling of deep affection. To exemplify the emotion that one can’t help but to feel. One that overwhelms their logic and common sense. One that is patient, kind, and never selfish. One that is shown not through words, but through actions. This is her purpose. This is her dancing through life.

When people go their whole lifetime searching for their purpose, and some may never fulfil that goal. Your purpose is not something that you should go looking for because it lies within you. Do things that lifts your spirit and fills your soul.


And I’ll leave you with this, “If you can’t figure your purpose. Figure out your passion, for your passion will lead you right to your purpose,” voiced by T.D Jakes.

A junior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, enjoying her tender age by indulging in reading and eating as many tacos as her stomach will allow. Talking to everyone that crosses her path, she is very different from her once introvert personality. Allowing her curiosity to lead the way into the world.
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