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A Cutie on and Off the Field

Name: William Hill

Nickname: Leroy

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Criminal Justice

Campus Involvement: Football Team

Relationship Status: Single

Social Media: Instagram- @lhill54 Snapchat- nikefanatic16

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Other than football practice, I like to lift weights, I like to go swimming, bowling, go out with friends, and watching movies.

What’s something weird about you that people might not know?

I can move my ears without moving the rest of my face.

What’s your dream car?

A Dodge Challenger, I like muscle cars.

If you could date any celebrity who would it be?


What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

It was my senior year- it was the first track meet of the season, I fell over the very first hurdle. I got scraped up pretty bad but I got up and finished and everybody was laughing.

Something or someone you couldn’t live without?

I mean I really can live without him because he’s dead right now but I really miss him. He was my father figure; my grandfather. When he passed away it was really tough because he supported me and my grandma through everything.

Are you into zodiac signs and astrology?

Nah, not really. It’s not really important to me.

What’s your favorite artist right now?

My favorite artist right now would definitely be Fetty Wap.

So far, what is your favorite college memory?

I would have to say me and my best friend went out and we were partying. He was in the street and I was supposed to be looking out for him and he was using the bathroom in the street! But I was looking at my phone and the next thing I know a cop was standing right there in my face and [my best friend] turned around and screamed.

What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

Her lips.

How do you approach a female?

I just approach’em like any normal person would, like “hello how are you doing?” I don’t approach them in some disrespectful way like “Hey ma’.”

What’s a date like with Leroy?

It depends on the girl really. If the girl’s into a romantic type of date then I would take her out to eat, or take her bowling, something like that. If she’s upbeat I’d take her to a scary theme park or go-kart riding.

If you could give the younger you any key of advice, what would it be?

Work harder. In high school I was a great athlete, but if I would have pushed myself to that next level I could have been somewhere bigger and better. But in the end I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Aspire to inspire.
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