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“Black Girl Magic”

Dear Black Girl,

Your beauty is a pure reflection of the richness of the sun,

kissing your soft brown skin.

You shimmer so brightly,

I always see you glowing from just miles ahead.

I embrace the beauty you endure,

both internal and external.

You are flawless, fearfully and wonderfully made.

I adore the curve of your lips when you smile,

the in-crescent shape of your perfectly structured cheekbones,

and the curls of your naturally coily hair.

Oh how I love your personality, so vibrant and so lively.

You are an inspiration to black girls all over the world.

Your confidence is exhilarating.

The way you walk and the way you talk,

Black girl, you are so empowering to me.

With your poise and elegance, your beauty will never fade.

Keep exhibiting your radiance,

Keep shining your light.

I adore your boldness, your eagerness, and your willingness to keep on.

Shine bright, Black Girl.

Stay moving forward.

Keep getting better.

You are the real definition of Black Girl Magic.

Read, write, and love!
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