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We all have associations and people that we normally hang around, but if you have the perk of having a best friend, life is a lot more fun. I’m talking about a legit best friend, one you tell all your secrets to, one who can sit in silence with you for hours and not become bored, one who’s excited to see you even if you just saw him/her last night. A best friend adds excitement to your life because it’s such a unique and unexplainable relationship.

Most girls love to call other girls their best friend but it’s very obvious they aren’t friends to begin with. Best friends never bash each other, only to their face if a reality check is needed. Best friends are your hype man and care about you as if you’re a sibling. Of course, having a best friend comes with a lot of benefits but sometimes, our best friends can cause a lot of frustration in our lives.

Pros of having a best friend:

  • Always have someone to talk to/gossip with

  • Official secret keeper

  • You have someone that genuinely loves you/cares for you

  • You laugh a lot (Laughing increases your mood & health!)

  • They keep it real with you

  • They never judge you. They accept you in all your forms.

  • They can become your private investigator sometimes

  • They help you in sticky situations

  • Best friends stick up/look out for you

Cons of Having a Best Friend:

  • People compare you to your best friend sometimes (especially if you’re always together)

  • If you guys argue or come to a disagreement, it makes you feel some type of way

  • If they’re your only friend, sometimes they’re unavailable and you are alone sometimes

  • You may become jealous if they become friends with new people

Having a best friend should come with more pro’s than con’s. Make sure to appreciate your best friend, because friends like that are hard to come by. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with your best friend by giving each other enough space and spending quality time. Of course, not all best friends have to be together 24/7 or be the exact same person. Best friends are friends who care deeply for each other and enjoy the in’s and out’s of each other. Sometimes, best friends are the complete opposite but they are mature enough to understand and appreciate one another.

You cannot set standards for your relationship with your best friend because friendship comes in many different forms. Whether you are Amber and Ashley (Hannah Montana), Timon & Pumba (Lion King), Chris & Greg (Everybody Hates Chris), Meredith & Christina (Greys Anatomy)…you come together and make it work.

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