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  1. Summer Walker


Summer Walker is an up and coming artist who was recently consigned by some of the biggest names in music. She has slowly, but surely made her way up the charts with songs like, “Girls Need Love Too” and “CPR”. If you haven’t listened to her by now, what are you doing? Walker makes the perfect music for the people who feel like they are missing out on that special one, and promote women empowerment in every lyric. One of my favorite songs by her is “Session 32”, which describes the feeling of heartbreak and self worth even if it took a while to get there.


  1. Arin Ray


Arin Ray is a young artist who got his start on the hit singing competition “The X-Factor”. Although he wasn’t the winner, judge Simon Cowell saw a lot of potential in him. Ray is still at the beginning stages of his career, but has shared his beautiful voice with Justine Skye on her hit song “Build”. He has also made way with his own music, such as “We Ain’t Homies”, this illustrates the tale between friendship and what it means to be a “real one”. Ray may or may not be on your playlist right now, but give him a year or so I bet that is all bound to change.


  1. Brent Faiyaz


From modern day neo-soul to pure R&B, Brent Faiyaz is a musical genius. He is the perfect artist to listen when times are hard because his music will instantly bring you peace and harmony. His first hit on the charts was actually a feature he did on GoldLink’s “Crew” and from that point on I knew he was a force to mess with. Faiyaz can be compared to artist like Bryson Tiller or Daniel Caesar in the way he delivers his lines and melodies.

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