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When it comes to zodiac signs, I only think of one: Aries. They are the epitome of a zodiac signs and what every sign desires to be. The best zodiac season of them all is from March 20th to April 20th, also known as Aries season. Not just because I, myself am an Aries, but because we are (and we will forever be) the first sign of the zodiac. Being that Aries are natural born leaders, this comes to no surprise. I know you are probably thinking, “What could possibly make Aries better than all the other signs?” Although, the list could go on and on, here’s just three things that make Aries stand out from the rest:

1. Aries focus on the good and never dwell on their losses.

Not only does an Aries’ positive mindset give them an advantage psychologically, it also makes them quite popular in social circles. Their losses motivate not only them, but those around them as well. Aries will help you see the bright side of any situation that you may be in. With their drive and passion never evanescent, this inspires others to pick up and keep going.

2. Aries are known to be indubitably generous and thoughtful.

Aries love to give. An Aries will spend money on you without hesitation. When it comes to an Aries, loved ones know they would give them everything and more for the sake of their happiness. Along with being overly generous, Aries can be thoughtful as well. Aries are critical thinkers, who spend a lot of time self-reflecting on themselves and other people.

3. Aries live for taking risks, going on adventures and experiencing new things.

Aries have a way of keeping people on their toes and wondering what’s their next move. They live for impulsive decisions and being unpredictable. Just as fire is unpredictable, warm and not always logical, so is Aries. But, if you are down for a spontaneous trip, Aries should be your go-to.


Need I say more?

A junior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, enjoying her tender age by indulging in reading and eating as many tacos as her stomach will allow. Talking to everyone that crosses her path, she is very different from her once introvert personality. Allowing her curiosity to lead the way into the world.
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