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Ariana Grande Sweetner Review

Ariana Grande is without a doubt one of those most talked about pop sensation of 2018. With her music always topping the charts, her good girl image that keeps people hooked on her, yet her daring interest in men who seem to like the dangerous side of life. She is definitely living her best life.  

On August 17, 2018, Grande released her fourth studio album, Sweetener. The album is well named because every song on the track list is a sweet sensation of love and women empowerment.

Most people are just now starting to hear her music play on the radio, after 2 months of her release. Off gate, her album cover stands out from her previous albums because this is the first cover she has released in color. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and look at her other album covers. Her first three albums are all black and white. Grande stated that “it’s the first time I feel more present than ever, and I see colors more.” Hearing this positivity can’t help you feel nothing but happiness for her because she has been through a lot, including the Manchester bombing during one of her tours, resulting in the death of 22l fans.


All 15 songs paint a pretty and airy feeling of love in the air. Her two singles she released before the album “God is a woman” and “breathin” are without a doubt the world’s favorite songs from the album. God is a woman expresses the strength and woman empowerment. Within the song, women can feel themselves in control of any situation they may be facing in life. Grande’s songs such as “goodnight n go” and “everytime” also give women the reassurance that feeling vulnerable and not being able to give someone completely up, is perfectly normal. Grande’s angelic voice carries notes that resonate inside. Listening to Ariana Grande makes me feel like I am in a dream. Grande never seems to disappoint with her music! While her album seems to have matured, her album doesn’t appear to be as well loved as her previous released ones. I only say this because I have not noticed anyone able to play the album completely through versus Yours Truly and My Everything. Every artist has an album that shows their maturity and happiness, but just may not have created songs that are worth the blasting in the car.


Regardless, I am very proud of Ariana.


Forever an Arianator xoxo,


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