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5 Tips to Start Your Semester Off Right

Fall semester has started and it’s time to forget what happened last semester and start fresh. I see it as a “New Year, New You” for this semester. New professors, new classmates, new class schedule, just a breath of fresh air. Let’s start this semester off right with some tips to make sure you stay on top of your academics as well as daily life.

1.A Planner is Key

Make sure to invest in a planner. Whether you are a busy bee or a clutter bug, writing important information down will keep everything organized. Also, you will get to keep track of class assignments, papers, projects due dates. You can plan any activities going around on campus. Check your local counseling services or academic department office for a planner. 


2. Don’t Procrastinate!

I know it’s easier said than done, but work on it day by day. If there are important deadlines approaching and events going on around the same time be sure to be proactive and do the work ahead of time. DON’T GIVE UP! If it’s something hard and you can’t finish, make sure you go to your professor’s office hours to get help! Don’t wait until the last minute to do assignments! You don’t know what might happen on the day it’s due that could delay your process.


3. Take Good Notes

Be sure each class you take good and legible notes. If you want to spice it up a bit, color code each class. You could also add numbers, bullet points, circles, and squares when you want to branch out a subject to other important points. When you listen to a lecture you could also underline important points the professors make as well as highlight vocabulary.


4. It’s not STU-Dying! It’s just studying.

Make sure to study! If you don’t have god studying skills make sure to start on them now. YouTube is a great way to find different types of studying tips that could be helpful for whatever your learning style is. Form a study group if you find that easier to do. With this, it is important to make sure the people you are forming a study group with are serious about passing. Always remember studying is like a sport, practice makes perfect.


5. Treat-Yo-Self’

Don’t be hard on yourself if your semester is going the way you planned. Remember things take time and progress is the only thing that matters. Treat yourself when you’ve been working hard on something and the results ended up good. Whether it’s a test, paper, an adult-ing task, and more. Treat your body, mind, and spirit so that you are able to function and do what you came to school to do.


Remember that you got this! You will have a great semester! Speak everything to existence and keep a steady working ethic and nothing will be impossible!

Hello! I am a graduating senior here at NCA&T. I am a public relations student from Durham, NC. I enjoy romantic comedies movies and novels. I love cooking and to bake sweet treats. I am a dog mom to a spunky pup named Sasha and I am working on being more adventurous as my last year in college! Woot woot!
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