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28 Girls Later: The Bachelor Recap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NCAT chapter.

Twenty-Eight girls later and Ben Higgins is an engaged man! The most dramatic season yet (as Chris Harrison says every season) was actually pretty dramatic. Once all the irrelevant girls went home, Crazy Lace sent her own self home, things got pretty interesting.

We watched Jubilee, the firecracker essentially push Ben away with her “I’m too good” attitude. Personally, it would have been great to see how far she could have made it, but I guess we will never know now will we? Further in the season we saw, America’s “Sweetheart,” Olivia tell Ben she loved him and get sent home in the very same episode. Now tell me I was not the only one with my jaw to the floor when he sent her home, but then two seconds later started applauding Ben for actually doing something right. I was ecstatic to see Emily go home back to her sister. When she met Ben’s family I didn’t think it’s wise for her to keep referring herself as “just a baby” to her potential mother and father in law.

The claws came out and shade was thrown when Leah snitched and lied to everyone about talking bad about Lauren to Ben. Karma hit her hard considering she was sent home that day and well Lauren won it all. It was kind of rude on Ben’s behalf for dragging Leah throughout the season and never giving her a one on one. She needed at least one moment in the spotlight. She got it and failed on justifying why she lied. Good job Leah!

Hometowns came and my love for Amanda was on a solid ten. Did you see her daughters?! Her, Ben, and the babies made the cutest family. Admit it or not, but I think we all had that feeling in our hearts that Amanda was just not going to win. I do think it was the kids that Ben was not ready for. Although, he will never admit it. Poor Caila on the hometown episode was an emotional wreck and regarding her exit on the show… I cried. I seriously shedded a tear or two. She had the purest heart and intention when she snuck out to see him. Lesson learned girls, your secret trips to see your lover may backfire.

Down to Lauren and Jojo. Now from the jump I did notice that Lauren and Ben had a good connection. However, Jojo was scared with trust issues and it took her sometime to give herself to him. Ben waited and she finally did. She fell head over heels for him. She was calling him babe, kissing, and hugging on him like she already won. Can’t blame her though. She was in love. Ben was no help either. He told her that she was his best friend, that there were no flaws in their relationship, she motivates him, feels safe when she is around, and that he loved her. Now if you heard that how could you imagine that you were not going to get proposed to? With Lauren I did not see the organic and spontaneous love that was between Jojo and Ben. Don’t get me wrong I think Lauren is great. Ben did say he could not imagine his life without her. Lauren even admitted that Ben’s mother said that she would have prefered Jojo to have been chosen. So, I guess the conclusion here is that the best friend, mom’s favorite, beautiful, spunky, nurturing woman doesn’t get the ring.

Congrats Ben and Lauren!

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